Beauty Tips for the Over 40s

As we begin to get older, it takes a toll on how we look, but being over 40 isn’t necessarily the end of the road for looking pretty either! Sure, a few extra precautionary measures might be necessary to keep those pesky wrinkles and bulging waistlines at bay, but it’s not an unachievable goal at all. Stay with us as we discuss a few effective tips to prove to the world that age really is just a number.

Go for a Complete Health Checkup First

Before we can begin, it’s mandatory that we have a proper idea regarding where our body stands from a medical point of view. Going for a full body checkup will help you determine the following.

  • If you have developed any medical conditions such as diabetes or hypertension
  • If any significant changes have taken place within your body
  • If your bones are in good condition
  • If you need to get started on essential, new medication
  • If underlying diseases, deficits, and conditions are addressed, you will see immediate improvements in your appearance

Having all the data will make it both safe and productive for people over the age of forty to pursue their health and beauty goals safely and with better results. It will also make it a lot easier for dieticians, fitness trainers, and doctors to work towards helping you get better results.

Another thing to consider is skincare, research how long does microneedling last, this process stimulates your skin’s healing response, leading to the production of collagen and elastin, resulting in firmer and more youthful-looking skin. Skincare is an essential element in maintaining a youthful appearance, and microneedling is just one of the many techniques available to achieve that goal.

Understand the Importance of Staying Slim

When has staying slim or fit not been related to staying gorgeous, right? Well, not exactly! While it’s true that staying in proper shape is ideal, irrespective of one’s age, staying slim and fit becomes particularly essential once you get in your late 30s or crossover the threshold of 40. Go through the following to understand the science at play here.

  • As we get older, our bones and muscles lose density and we become insulin resistant
  • What we lose in our bone and muscle density, we tend to gain back in fat
  • The excess weight carried by us puts tremendous strain on our bones
  • The weakened, old, overworked bones begin to lose volume much faster due to the extra weight
  • The lowered muscle mass makes it harder for our bodies to hold shape
  • As a result, the face loses sharpness and prominence, alongside the body losing tone
  • The excess fat makes our faces and limbs look pudgy, with an overtone of sag
  • Obesity or even being overweight is related to increased chances of developing cancers, diabetes, arthritis, and a variety of other illnesses

How to Stay Slim After 40?

This is a true challenge for some, but it is an achievable goal all the same, especially in this technologically advanced age we are living in today. A few effective tips are as follows.

  • Rely mainly on weight training and small cardio sessions, rather than pure cardio sessions
  • Try HGH under physician supervision, as it might be effective for fat loss at an enhanced speed
  • Follow a fixed bedtime/wakeup time, as you used in childhood, with at least seven hours in between the two
  • On days you can’t exercise, walk or jog for a few minutes at least
  • Reduce red meat intake, and increase your intake of antioxidants such as berries, broccoli, cabbages, artichokes, leafy veggies and fruits
  • Decrease the size of your dinner
  • Practice intermittent fasting
  • Decrease or eliminate refined sugar consumption (sodas, sugary drinks)
  • Get alcohol consumption and smoking habits under control

You may also want to pick up some advanced makeup tips and tricks to cover blemishes and fine lines before going out, but nothing beats the radiating beauty that comes from remaining healthy. Makeup can only help you put the finishing touches if necessary, but a healthy body will always reflect your natural charm and vigor more genuinely.

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