6 Ways to do Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

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Affiliate marketing has grown to be synonymous with having a website and getting people to click on affiliate links, but did you know that having a website is not essential?

While a website is the most common way of driving traffic, there are other ways through which you can promote your affiliate links.

Keep in mind, you need to find an affiliate program that does not require a website for you to enroll.

Here are six ways in which you can dive right into the affiliate world without a website.

  1. Q-&-A Platforms

With question-answer websites such as Reddit and Quora, people can hop right into an ongoing exchange of views on any topic. Sign up on one of these platforms, follow a few topics similar to your product and start answering!

Engage in discussions on your niche, start posting about your product and answer doubts that people may have. Don’t forget to occasionally use your affiliate links in your answers if you feel they might genuinely help the person in need.

  1. Paid Advertising

You can use the paid advertisements on social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram and drive traffic directly to your facebook page or instagram profile. The potential rewards of this method are high due to the sheer number of people who visit these sites every day.

However, this investment has to come from your own pocket, and hence there is a personal financial risk involved. Also, some affiliate programs discourage the usage of paid advertising. Ensure that you consult your affiliate manager before going for this method.

Remember: When you have a budget to spend on advertising, you should consider having a website to get better results.

  1. Retargeting

On average, only 2 to 4% of people who view an advert on their screen click on it. This throws up an interesting situation: how does one show the ad to only the ones who did not click on it? As it turns out, that is exactly what retargeting does.

Through retargeting, people who are not interested in an ad the first time around are shown the same advert till they give in and click on it.

This has proved to be a successful strategy, as retargeted ads have 10% more chances of being clicked than normal advertisements.

  1. Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Ah yes, social media. These interaction platforms, with their stories, videos, reels, and chatting services, have become a necessity in order to keep up with the times. While they do provide entertainment, these platforms have also become an opportunity for professionals to prosper.

With a new-found, ready-made stage set for you to voice your opinions and thoughts, people have found it to be a useful tool to promote businesses too.

Gaining followers on these platforms and promoting your affiliate links is cost-effective as long as you have interesting content.

Make sure to establish regular interaction with your followers and ensure that your following does not drop. Underestimating the importance of audience connection is one of the top five reasons that affiliate marketers fail, so do not make that mistake.

  1. YouTube

The most-visited video streaming platform on the internet today, YouTube has incredible reach and impact on people. Especially since these videos can also be shared on social media, a well-made video can go viral and drive lots of traffic and revenue.

The best part here is that creating videos is completely free. Let your imagination run wild, create fun and engaging content like unboxing products, trying them out live on camera, and later analyzing them.

Include your affiliate links in the bio or the comment section and ask people to check them out.

  1. eBooks/Audio books

If you are a natural at content creation but feel that building and maintaining a website is too taxing, you could always write eBooks and sell them online. The way this works is simple: write a book on an interesting topic in your niche, include your affiliate links wherever you feel is optimal and sell them online.

Of late, audiobooks have also seen a rise in popularity so that’s an option you would want to look into. There are also service providers who convert books into audiobooks in a voice of your choice, if that is an investment you are willing to make then go for it. You can share your affiliate link in the page where you have the audiobook listed.

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