7 Mistakes New Parents Must Avoid

Raising a baby is not easy. You may have heard countless instructions from your parents and grandparents on how to do it right but then mistakes happen.

From selecting the baby bedding, food, medicines to so much more, every decision matters to parents. A slip of judgment and your baby may end up suffering the most.

If you are one of those enjoying the new parenthood, there are mistakes you must be wary of:

1. Not Feeding Timely-

New mothers often ignore waking up their babies for the sake of their rest. It is fine to skip the meals in the first few weeks, but once the baby regains the birth weight, make sure you feed the baby every 3-4 hours. Feeding your baby right and at the right time is likely to induce sound sleep for 2 to 3 months.

2. Not Burping Baby-

Most new parents are nervous to handle their babies. Therefore, they immediately put them down to sleep or bounce them to play. It is important for a baby to burp as he or she gulps a lot of air in between feeding which causes uneasiness. If not done, the baby may wake in the mid of the night or might throw up.

3. Using Toxic or Harmful Baby Products-

Be careful about the toys or products your baby comes in close touch with. Go through the entire list of ingredients used in the product or consult the practitioner before using it.

Here, trusting globally-recognized brands blindly won’t prove you smart. A big giant like Johnson & Johnson has been facing talcum powder lawsuits for selling baby powder that is allegedly responsible for ovarian cancer among hundreds of women. The J&J talcum baby powder contains asbestos (cancer-causing substance) which has affected several women around the globe.

Instead of experiencing the agony of baby powder cancer, choose products wisely that do not harm anyone. Go for other safe and organic alternatives to talcum powder like baking soda, rice starch, oat flour, etc.

4. Fancy Clothes Are Not Comfortable

Dolling up your baby in the new dress or suit for some family party or celebration sounds great. But not every piece of cloth is as comforting as you may think. Keep your baby wrapped in clothes made of soft and breathable fabric. Failing to do so can make your baby restless and results in skin rashes too.

5. Taking Newborn To Crowded Places-

Avoid taking your baby to a crowded place. It exposes the infant to many other bacteria or viruses. At least until the first six months, his or her immune system is weak. Thus keeping the baby away from potentially infected areas is a wise decision.

6. Keeping Baby Indoor All The Time

The world is a beautiful place. Do give your baby the much-needed exposure to the warm sunlight and fresh air, as and when you feel it is right for him or her.

7. Letting Strangers Come Close To Your Baby-

Don’t let anybody come unexpectedly close to your baby. He or she might be carrying some infection that can affect your baby’s health.

If your baby is behaving abnormally or crying constantly, even after taking all precautions, consult your doctor immediately.

The Bottom Line-

Parenting is not easy.  Read books on good parenting or seek professional help to know the challenges that come along with a new life. Do let us know of your experience as a new parent in the comments section below: 

Happy Parenting!

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