7 Things To Consider While Buying Your First Bong

7 Things To Consider While Buying Your First Bong

Switching from a joint to a bong is always an overwhelming experience. The first step towards that decision would be buying your first bong. It can be challenging to make the right choice if you don’t know what you are looking for. Though online head shops have plenty of options when it comes to bongs, the decision is always in your hand. Most rookies end up buying the wrong bong (that sounds funny!) and spoiling their first bong experience. If you don’t want to do that, some advice can help you. If you plan to buy a bong, here are seven things you need to consider when buying your first bong. 

  1. Usage

The first factor you must consider when buying your first bong is where you will be using it. Would you keep it in one place in your home or plan on carrying it with you while traveling or attending parties? If you plan to carry it with you wherever you go, it is better to get a portable bong. A silicon bong would be a perfect choice for taking it around. It doesn’t break when you drop it and won’t get damaged while traveling or partying. Glass bongs may not be the right choice for this, as they might break easily.

If you plan to keep it at home, make sure you find a safe place where you can put it. You may not emphasize durability, but size can make a difference. You don’t want your bong to get noticed by your family or guests. Keep it where no one can access it except you. That way, it will be safe, and you can avoid unnecessary questions. A beaker bong would be the perfect choice for keeping at home. They are small and compact and can easily fit into tiny spaces. 

  1. Thickness of glass

The glass thickness plays a vital role in the durability of your bong. Thicker glass is better as it can prolong the life of the bong. It won’t break easily and will withstand scratches. As the previous section suggested, if you plan to keep it in a safe spot in your home, you may not have to care much about the glass thickness. But if you plan to carry it with you, it’s best to get a thick glass. You don’t want your clumsy friends to drop it and break it. 

The glass thickness starts at 2-3 mm and goes up to 5-7 mm, which is very thick. You can choose a bong with a thickness of 3.5 mm, which is enough to withstand a minor drop and won’t break.

  1. Percolators or not?

Percolators are tiny filters that filter and cool the smoke. They help to take smoother and more intense tokes. The small holes in the percolators make the smoke pass through the water in the form of bubbles. The more time smoke spends with water, the cooler it becomes. If you have just started using bongs, you may need a percolator. It might sound like a good idea to buy a bong with many percolators, but it can make it difficult to clear the chamber. 

  1. Cleaning and aftercare

Bongs require a lot of care and regular cleaning. They get dirty with regular usage. The tar and grime not only make it dirty but also make it look bad. Before buying a bong, think about how much time you can commit to taking care of and maintaining your bong. If you don’t have enough time to do that, or you can follow a good routine for cleaning the bong, that will determine the type of bong you should get. 

No matter which bong you choose, every bong requires at least some cleaning. If you think you can do that, you should get a bong cleaning solution along with your bong, so you can keep it clean and crystal clear. Lack of proper cleaning can turn glass yellow, and the grime and stains are easily noticeable. A lot of options are available at the online head shops.

  1. Additional accessories

A little research will give you a clear idea of the additional accessories you will need for your bong. When you start looking for bongs on different online head shops, you will come across a wide range of complex bongs that require additional accessories or pieces to function. The ash catchers help contain the ash while passing through the cold and ash-free smoke. 

You can also modify your bong with additional accessories. You can buy these add-ons and enhance your smoking experience to a great extent. If you don’t want to complicate things, you can stick to basic bongs that do not require additional attachments or accessories. 

  1. Ease of smoking

Your smoking experience mainly depends on the type of bong you choose. While buying your bong, make sure you think about what kind of smoking experience you desire. Look at the features and specifications that can enhance your experience. 

Percolator bongs are known to provide smoother and colder hits. But at the same time, more holes of percolators can increase the drag intensity. That means you will need more lung capacity to take the hit of a bong with too many percolator holes. Here are some features you should have in your first bong that will provide you the ease of smoking:

  • Ash catchers
  • Ice catchers
  • A well-positioned mouth-piece
  • Downstem for better diffusion

You may not understand what kind of experience you want from your bong as you are just starting with it. In that case, smoke with your friends, discuss the experience and check what setup you suit. You can also ask your friends for better suggestions.

  1. Budget

Though the price shouldn’t be the only factor in making a decision, it undoubtedly impacts your purchase. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on buying a new bong. You should know how much money you are willing to spend on your bong. Remember to consider the long-term costs as well. You will need bong cleaners and add-ons for your bong. No matter how expensive a bong you buy, it will not last forever. That is why it’s better to invest in a bong to improve your smoking experience without breaking your bank. 

Choosing the right bong doesn’t have to be difficult, especially when you have such helpful guides. Do your proper research before you buy your first bong, and remember to regularly clean it for the best smoking experience

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