Towing vs. Shipping Your Car: Making Your Decision

Towing vs. Shipping Your Car: Making Your Decision

You’ve packed all your boxes, loaded your belongings into a moving truck, and now you’re ready to move to your new home.

There’s only one thing left to sort out–your car. Even if you’re only moving a few states over, transporting your vehicle along with all of your other belongings can be a major chore. 

So, how do you move your car from point A to point B? 

You have three options for relocating your car from your old home to your new one: tow it yourself, hire a towing company, or hire a car shipping service. If you’re unsure of how to ship a car to another state or are curious about towing, keep reading for a breakdown of both options.

What is towing?

There are two choices for towing your car to your new home: hiring a tow truck or doing it yourself. 

If you hire a towing company, they’ll send a driver to your current residence who will hitch up your car and take it to your new home. Unfortunately, you can’t rent a tow truck yourself, but having a professional driver might be best.

The other option is renting a trailer, loading up your car, and towing it to your new home yourself. This route is a viable option if you have a vehicle that’s strong enough to pull your vehicle. It can also help you move into your new home without involving an outside company. 

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a truck to pull your car, you’ll need to rent one.

Car towing pros

  • Suitable for local towing (within 50 miles)
  • You can keep an eye on your car

Car towing cons

  • Companies might not haul nationwide
  • The cost of truck and trailer rentals are expensive
  • Need a vehicle that can tow

What is car shipping?

Car shipping involves hiring an auto shipping service to load your car onto a carrier and bring it to your new home. Hiring an auto transport service leaves you free to hop on a plane and fly without the hassle of stopping for gas or sitting on the road for hours or days.

Shipping your car to your new home is by far the most convenient way to transport your vehicle during a move and can take some stress away from what may already be an anxious time. You simply hand over the keys to a truck driver, and they’ll get your car on the road.

Car shipping pros

  • Cheaper than towing
  • It leaves you free to fly to your new home
  • Much quicker than towing
  • You won’t have to rent special equipment for transport

Car shipping cons

  • Yours might not be the only vehicle receiving shipment 
  • Not as many car shipping companies as towing companies
  • Not cost-effective for shorter distances

Before you go

Ultimately, whether you tow or ship your car will probably come down to distance. If you’re moving someplace nearby, towing will be a good option. However, if you’re moving more than a few hours away, having your car shipped will make the moving process much more manageable. You won’t have to worry about returning rentals, paying for gas, or other common road-trip woes.

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