7 Things to Prepare for a Surprise Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party for your beloved one? Then you might be stuck up with a long list of things that you need to do to surprise them. It’s often an exciting and tedious task to plan a surprise birthday party as you have to take care of all the things, right from the start to the end. 

It is always better to go with small birthday parties by involving a bunch of your friends or relatives. While planning the birthday party, make sure you consider the concerned person’s choice and plan it accordingly. Note down what all things do that person likes and then start preparing them. You will also need some of your friends to keep the person busy while you are getting all the things done. So, make a list and assign all the things to your friends so that everyone becomes familiar with what they have to do.

In this article, we have curated some of the things that will help you in preparing for a surprise birthday party for your friend or any family member. We feel that you don’t miss out on anything in making your friends or family member’s birthday party a memorable one.


1. Find the best location:


Deciding a location for a birthday party may differ from person to person. For example, consider choosing a close relative’s house if it is your family member’s birthday. You can even surprise them in your own home, but for that, you have to keep them away from home for a specific time. If it is your friend’s birthday, consider choosing their favorite cafe or one of your friend’s home. 

You have to make all the essential arrangements at this location and make sure that it is accessible to everyone whom you are inviting to the party. 


2. Invite and Inform:


The first thing is to decide which of your friends and family members need to be a part of this surprise party. If you want to have a small party, then invite only the closest friends and family members. You can also ask if they are bringing anyone else with them to this party. This way, you will be able to decide on the quantity of food or any other thing that you bring to the party. 

Next is to inform them of what all tasks do they need to perform. For example, you can ask one of your friends to keep the person busy on their birthday. Also, you can ask them to make some silly reasons to bring the person to your planned location. 


3. Plan for the decorations:


Choose some of the contrasting colored balloons and birthday decoration items from the store. Pick up a theme if you want to make the person feel more overwhelmed by your surprise. You can ask your friends to help you with the decorations. Your decoration item’s list must have a beautiful table cloth, some paper lanterns, a numbered balloon of their age, some candles, and a happy birthday wall banner.


4. The gifts:


You can arrange the birthday gifts in many different ways. Here are some of the gift ideas which you can choose according to your preference.

i) Contribute within your friends and purchase a big gift for the person. You can include anything that they would love to accept. You can also plan a weekend trip to surprise them as a birthday gift. Make sure that the gift is useful to them so that they can cherish it forever.

ii) If you want to surprise them with a special gift, consider writing a lovely letter describing how much they mean to you. Hand-written letters are more beautiful than the readymade birthday gifts. 

iii) You can bake a chocolate cake for them and present it as a special treat from your side. You will get many easy chocolate cake recipes on the internet, which will help you in making the cake.

iv) Decorate their place with flowers and attach some sticky notes with small appreciation quotes.

v) Make a video film and keep it in their bag or purse so that they can find it out easily.

vi) Arrange a big box and add small gifts in it.

vii) Keep some clues at specific locations and ask them to find the gift through the clues.


5. Decide the time:


You will ruin the surprise if you forget to decide the timing for the birthday celebration. Thus, you have to make sure at what time the person will be free so that you can plan your surprise. It will also be helpful for your friends or family to arrange their work according to the birthday schedule. You can also send a reminder to everyone so that they don’t miss out on anything.


6. The Cake:


If you have decided to bake the cake by yourself, then there’s no need to worry about it. But, if you are going to order it from outside, then make sure that you consider the count of people while choosing the quantity of the cake. You can ask the bakers to customize the cake as per the birthday person’s interests. For example, try adding their favorite movie series theme or their hobby-related graphics to the cake.


7. Make arrangements for food and drinks:


Arranging the drinks and food is another important part of planning birthday parties. You need to make sure that everything falls correctly in place. There should be no scarcity of food; neither there should be any extra food left on the table. The latter one is still acceptable as you can feed the stray dogs or give it to someone in need of food. 

There’s one way to decide on the right amount of food and drinks to order for the birthday party. You can ask for everyone’s confirmation a day before the party so that you don’t have to deal with any problem.


We hope that now you are ready with all the things on your surprise birthday party list. One thing that you would need to do at the last moment is to hide all the guests and turn off all the lights before the person enters the room. You can even ask your friend to bring them at a particular time so that all of you can amaze him/her with your surprise.

Written by Jordan

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