8 Common Signs You Need a Divorce Right Now

Did you know that more than 40% of all first marriages in the United States end in divorce or separation?

No one likes the idea of getting a divorce, but in many cases, separation can lead both people (and children) closer to happiness.

If you feel like your relationship is on the rocks, but you don’t know if divorce is necessary, there are a few signs to watch out for.

Keep reading to discover the most common signs you need a divorce and why they are important!

1. You Can’t Communicate Effectively

One of the biggest and most obvious signs you need a divorce is if you can’t communicate with your partner.

Every healthy relationship requires communication, especially over a lifetime. If you and your significant other have tried talking but keep going in circles, you might want to take a step back and evaluate.

When you can’t be honest and open with your partner, resentment will grow. Be honest with yourself and each other if you can get on the same page. Both people will need to work on actively listening and communicating healthily.

2. The Fighting Never Ends

Fighting is one of the most common causes of divorce.

Many couples stay together because when they aren’t fighting, they feel happy. Unfortunately, when the fighting becomes a habit in the household, it can create tension that never goes away. If you can’t stop fighting and communication efforts feel like a waste, you should discuss the option of divorce.

When navigating high asset divorce processes, the fighting often continues. Stay strong and focus on developing a healthy mindset during negotiations and mediation.

3. Your Partner Feels Like a Roommate

When the spark starts disappearing for one another, married couples can feel more like roommates.

There’s nothing wrong with living with someone else, but if you’re married, you should have a more supportive relationship. Married couples must work through life as a team, and the passion needs to continue to prevent feelings of resentment and annoyance.

If you pass by the hall without acknowledging each other or sleep in different rooms, you might want to look into the divorce process.

4. Trust Issues Can’t Get Resolved

If lying and cheating have a history in your relationship and you can’t resolve the issues, the marriage will likely fail.

Marriages require trust at all times. You are supposed to love each other and forgive one another. If hurt feelings and trauma are too much to overcome, there’s no need to pressure the relationship.

Your self-esteem shouldn’t suffer because of your partner’s decisions.

5. You Fear Them

Marriage is meant to be a beautiful connection between 2 people, where they strive to make the other and themselves better.

Fear should never be a factor in a healthy relationship. If you ever feel like you’re in danger, contact your local authorities or a family member for help. Physical and mental abuse can quickly turn into a bigger problem and put your life and others at risk.

Never stay with someone you fear because you are married. You shouldn’t have to worry about what they will do or might do if you leave. Make a plan and have a support team by your side through these tough times.

Thankfully, if you live in Virginia, you may even file for divorce online and leave everything else to your attorney. By opting for an online divorce Virginia application, you save time and money that are often associated with lengthy court procedures. Plus, this will also save you the stress of physically visiting the court and attending multiple hearings.

6. You Can’t Agree on Parenting Styles

Although it’s healthy for children to get exposed to different parenting styles, it can become harmful if the parents can’t agree.

Couples assume they must stay together for their children, but the kids are often the ones feeling and seeing the most. Fighting and disagreements can make the house a stressful and unhealthy environment for children.

When you can’t agree on morals and values, divorce might be necessary. Discuss expectations with your partner and also your child to try and rekindle relationships.

Sometimes separation is the best thing you can do to protect your children and family.

7. There’s a Lack of Support

Whether someone close passed away or you’re sick, you should trust that your partner will be by your side.

For many couples, there’s a lack of support, and individuals feel disregarded and unloved. When this goes on for too long, couples lose their connection and tend to look for support in other areas of their life. This often leads to cheating and larger trust issues.

Ultimately, the root of the problem was that they didn’t get the care or support needed. If you want to avoid divorce, talk to your partner and identify your needs.

Miscommunication and vague explanations can impact your ability to overcome obstacles as a team.

8. Lying Has Become Normalized

If your marriage problems always lead back to lies, you should start looking for a lawyer.

When lying is more than a habit for someone in a relationship, it’s difficult to trust them and know who they are. Partners often separate because they don’t trust each other when it comes to cheating, money, and work.

Lying can hurt everyone involved. Not only does it hurt the person on the receiving end, but it also hurts the person lying since they aren’t truly happy. It’s okay if you’ve changed your mind about something; just don’t lie to accommodate others.

Do These Common Signs You Need a Divorce Seem Familiar?

If these signs you need a divorce seem all too real, it might be time to start looking for and hiring a lawyer.

You should never feel stuck in a relationship that is unhealthy, dangerous, and unsupportive. Both you and your partner deserve happiness, and if you can’t get past the arguments, you may not be the right match. Don’t be afraid to decide if you have children, since it can help them in many cases.

Although divorce is difficult with many emotions, you can look forward to the future and invest your time in building connections.

If you want to learn more about healthy relationships and living independently, read our blog for the latest content!

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