8 Main Benefits of Vitamin C for Your Skin

You already know that all vitamin types are good for your health including vitamin C. Speaking of it, Vitamin C, whether it’s from a fruit, veggie, or vitamin c powder, boosts collagen production to get firmer, smoother, and plumper skin with no lines or wrinkles. What matters is that you are kind to your skin. Experts have stated that you should get 65-90 mg of vitamin C every day to help support your immune system and boost your health. Let’s break down the benefits of vitamin C to your skin in eight clear points.

1. Boosts Production of Collagen

Collagen maintains your skin’s texture and makes you appear younger. Age and sun can damage your skin by making it lose this essential collagen. It develops wrinkles and sags.

Vitamin C boosts the collagen production to get a firmer, smooth, and more plump skin with no lines or wrinkles.

2. Block Free Radicals

Basking in the sunlight especially in the morning feels good. But when the sun is overhead, it emits dangerous rays and puts your skin at risk. Wearing sunscreen is vital, and so it is to wear a vitamin C peel regardless of how cloudy or bright the sky is.

When skin cells are damaged by the sun, free radicals are released to the skin and blood vessels which then destroy the surrounding tissues. Vitamin C peel can help capture free radicals and stop the damage from the sun.

3. Heals The Burns and Wounds on your Skin

Evidence has shown that vitamin C can boost the skins ability to heal itself and treat burn lesions. Patients with severe burns don’t require ventilation if they consume vitamin C dose.

What’s more? A high dose of vitamin C can reduce capillary leakage after a burn injury and works with time to heal burns and wounds in a wonderful way.

4. Reduces Brown Spots

We have mentioned that vitamin C boosts your skin’s ability to heal itself. But the marvelous functions of the vitamin isn’t just limited to healing of the skin. When you want to reduce red or brown spots, the answer is vitamin C.

The anti-inflammatory features in the vitamin work against acne or rosacea and leaves you with an even-toned skin for life.

5. Helps Repair Your Skin

There are a lot of factors that don’t favor your skin, and if it were not for vitamin C, you would probably have damaged one. It helps to repair the skin.

Sun exposure effects and collagen loss are repaired through cell turnover and regeneration. Some doctors have stated that it has also helped fade scars of some of their patients.

6. Minimizes Wrinkles and Dryness

Regardless of the season, you must have found some dry skin patches and struggled with it. No lotion, cream, or moisturizer in the market can help solve the problem that you almost threw in the towel. Struggling with itchiness or redness is hectic until you see the light.

According to Gary Goldenberg, who is a dermatologist based in New York, vitamin C in these products helps cells to mature normally.

7. Improves Skin Texture

The tiny blood cells under the skin carry nutrients and oxygen which keeps the skin healthy. Lack of those essential nutrients can make the skin rough and dry.

Vitamin C boosts the formation of elastin which protects and heals the skin cells. Use creams with vitamin C to improve the texture of your skin.

8. Aids in Eczema Treatment

Eczema is a skin condition making your skin reddish and itchy. A combination of vitamin C and zinc can help solve the problem.

Take about 1000 mg of vitamin C alongside 15 mg of zinc every day to cure the condition.


The skin is a vital organ of the body. It tells a lot about you. Using vitamin C in whichever way you wish will help your skin stay healthy. Always make sure your body lotion has vitamin C as one of the ingredients. 

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