Maintain Good Health With A Healthy Microbiome

If your health takes toll, you would naturally want to know the reason behind it. Similarly, if your health improves in a significant manner, you would also want to know the reason behind it so that you can repeat that and get back to feeling healthy. The easiest way you can know how and why your health is good or bad is through a microbiome test. It is a popular way of understanding the “why” related to your health. With more and more researchers studying microbiome, we realize how important it is for our health. The microbiota will establish as well as regulate your health. It has the ability to regulate your immune system and is crucial for proper digestion and absorption of the nutrients in your body. The microbiota will have an influence on your metabolism as well. When you have an unhealthy microbiome, it is associated with obesity, cancer, liver disease, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes, asthma and autoimmune disorders. If you are facing any type of health issues, you would want to know what is going on with the microbiomes in your body. A microbiome test will help you in significant ways.

Importance of microbiome

Researchers have increased their focus on the gut as well as the microbiome in the last two decades. It is also referred to as the second brain which simply shows how important it is for your health. An unhealthy gut can have an ability to change your brain. It can lead to anxiety as well as depression. Hence, if you focus on your gut microbiome, you will not have to look for ways to fix anxiety or depression. This explains why a lot of people with poor gut health tend to experience memory issues. The microbiome also has an impact on your genetics. Microbiome has the ability to synthesize a variety of amino acids and vitamins, it can easily transform your bile into a potent health giving chemical, it can produce enzymes and break down the food to provide you with adequate energy. Microbiomes can produce chemical constituents and fatty acids, they can provide antimicrobial protection from dangerous microbes and they can support your immune system. Microbes have an impact on your sleep and they can help prevent allergies. There are enough reasons to make microbiome a top priority in your health.

Different types of microbes

There are about 10,000 species that inhabit the GI tract in your body. However, even the top scientists do not have an exact figure. Microbiomes are complex and they are constantly changing. There are as many microbes as there are cells in your body. There is no right combination of microbes in a human, it varies from one person to another and has an impact on your gut health. Microbiomes in your body are constantly changing due to varied reasons. A few reasons include exercise, food you consume, age, the time you consume your food, medications, fasting, the amount of light you get, supplements and the geographical area of your residence. Your daily activity also has an impact on microbes. For example, the good gut bacteria will go down after a day of stress and the bad bugs will go up.
Microbiome Testing

If you have been wondering how to get your gut health tested, you may want to consider this. Microbiome testing is still a shot in the dark but it is worth it. The test is basically a snapshot of the moment and might not correspond with the gut system. Since the gut microbes change constantly, you can only hope for a snapshot that shows your present gut health. Various types of microbes are active in the day and at other times, hence a morning and an evening gut test will be very different. Simply judging the content in your stool is a bad reflection of the condition of your gut. There have been tests where internal biopsies have revealed that the microbiota present in the stool sample is different from what is actually in the intestine. There is also a higher diversity in a biopsy than in a stool sample test. Any gut test will tell you about what is coming out of the body and not what is actually happening inside the body.

You need to remember that a gut test will not be able to reveal if you have parasites. Majority parasites die soon after they leave the host and many release chemicals and enzymes which start to decompose the body after death. You will not be able to get an accurate answer on whether you have a parasitic infection through a gut test. These are the different variables which will have an impact on the microbiome test results. There are different companies which follow different methods and there are variations in terms of how a sample is collected, transported, stored and analyzed. There are some testing labs which freeze your sample and they can preserve certain aspects of the test but it could ruin others. There will be certain microbiota which will be preserved while the others will disappear and this will alter the results. There are also certain labs which are more efficient at the extraction of DNA from sample than many others. An analysis of your microbiome and gut health is trickier than you think.

If gut tests do not give you accurate results, the answer is to focus on areas which can help improve the health of your microbiomes. Whether you are sick or not, you need to take steps to improve your microbiome health. There are different ways you can achieve a healthy gut. One is to ensure that the body gets rid of any dangerous chemicals or metabolic waste. You need to feed the good microbes with fiber. Focus on eating a lot of vegetables and low sugar fruits so as to keep the microbes satisfied. Ear fermented foods to promote the growth of good bacteria inside your gut.


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