How to Choose the Right Sewing Machine for Your Sewing Project

Want to purchase a sewing machine?

You’ve come to the right place. Why? Well, finding the right sewing machine is not an easy task. There are thousands of sewing machines available in the market that can confuse you easily.

Often novice people got confused and ended up with a wrong machine for the wrong task. That’s why it is essential to learn before investing. In here we will try to provide some knowledge. If you are a novice in sewing machine field, you should learn some basics about the machine before searching the market. Or else, you won’t be able to get the right one for your next project.

You should choose your first sewing machine depending on your budget and experience level. In this article, I will tell you the secret of picking the right sewing machine for the right project. Let’s start:

Reliable Brands:

If you want to choose the right sewing machine, you need to know which brands produces and sells top quality sewing machines. A small number of brands offer great products for the price. They are:

  • Singer
  • Bernina
  • Juki
  • Brother
  • Janome

If you are looking for high-quality sewing machines for the price, you should pick a product from any of the brands mentioned above. Of course, there are several class machines available in the market that do not belong to those brands, but they are hard to found.

In case your budget is tight, I should suggest you search for quality outside of these brands. The products from those brands are relatively high. But they also provide top quality to their consumers. Still, you can get some cost-efficient product from those brands too. Just look closely.


‘You will get what you pay for.’ That’s the universal truth. If you choose the better one, then the price will increase. But that doesn’t mean cheaper machines are always bad or low quality.

There are some exceptions available too. But the truth is expensive products offers more array of capabilities which are why people often choose expensive branded products over low priced non-branded products. The preference is yours.

If the machine delivers high-quality stitches, that’s enough. For more versatility, you can pick a luxurious product. At the end of the day, if the machine meets your expectations, you should give it a go even if you need to increase your budget a bit.

Things to Consider Before You Buy

Apart from those primary considerations, there is a lot that you should check before buying one. The variation could be in features, design, and compatibility and of course quality.

Since I’ve mentioned above different brands, so I guess you’ve decided what to buy. Still, you need to check some features in your desired sewing machine.Here I made a checklist to make things clear for you.

Stitch pattern: Both the beginners or experts sewer always look for the variation in their project. So, this is the first thing you need to check in a sewing machine.

Like, you spend a lot in a sewing machine with a limited pattern. I’m sure such a case is not happening at all because it is a complete blunder. So, check the pattern feature, the more, the better.

Expertise: Check how much stitches it offers in a minute. That denotes the fluency of the machine. The faster your machine run, the better result you’ll get. Don’t ever compromise with hose poor quality machine that offers slow performance.

Stitch Quality: The most important part you must check is the stitch quality. Make sure to get a sewing machine with the finest quality stitch, to get the better project.

Check the function of stitch width and length in the machine. Stitching size has to be adjustable since you may use with thicker or thinner material.

The functionality of the machine: Check the machine is either computerized with an LCD or the mechanical one with a dial. Like I mentioned before, it totally depends on your budget.

Computerized one is easier but expensive, whereas the mechanical one is moderate and cost-effective.

Buttonhole style and steps: modern sewing machine comes with buttonhole function. Check the varieties in the buttonhole style. Garments worker often use those machine with numerous buttonhole option.

Also, check how many steps it includes for sewing buttonhole. You should know that the fewer steps assure maximum efficiency.

Machine speed and size: If you are at the learner stage then you must need to learn to control the machine speed first. The sewing machine speed has to be adjustable for ease.

Also, don’t forget to check the size. I would suggest the smaller unit for better portability.

Necessary tools: Apart from checking the whole unit from outside, you also should the inner smaller parts. Check whether it comes with automatic thread cutter, needle threader, bobbin winders, quality pressure feet, knee lifter, or not.

More advanced features: Some advanced machine includes extra features. If you have decided to select those units, then check these features. For example; does it comes with twin needle capability? Are the feed dogs variable?

Besides, check whether it comes with the drop-in bobbin or not. Also, a free arm for sewing sleeves. Most sewer love to have these advanced features in their sewing machine then why not you!

Ahem! A lot of things to consider. True! To get the right sewing machine for your sewing project, you should follow this checklist.

The Bottom Line

Don’t get panic about the checklist. Being a sewer of the modern era, you don’t have to go to the craft store to look for the right sewing machine. Also, it is not truly necessary to do research to choose the right sewing machine for your sewing project. We’ve done that hard work for you. Now it’s time for doing beautiful projects! Keep shining!

Written by nikola

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