9 Months Pregnant Bethany Hamilton Celebrates Her Birthday with a Skateboarding Session

Bethany Hamilton might be nine months pregnant and awaiting the birth of her second child but she is still very much active.

The American professional surfer turned twenty-eight years of age a few days ago and she celebrated it in typical Bethany fashion.

Starting from the seventh month of her pregnancy, Bethany Hamilton has stopped doing what she loves the most – hitting the waves.

Well, for her twenty-eighth birthday, she decided to get her surf on albeit on the hard reliable surface that is the ground.

The expectant mother was captured skateboarding outside her home to celebrate her new milestone.

Bethany who is married to minister Adam Dirks shared a video of herself pulling some pretty sleek moves on the skateboard.

She captioned the video, which was posted yesterday with the words,

‘My birthday skate session! Cement waves 🌊🤰🏼🏄’.

Bethany Hamilton and her husband Adam Dirks announced that they were expecting only their second child in October last year.

Nevertheless, we always knew that an ‘inconsequential’ thing like a pregnancy would not be enough to get Bethany Hamilton on her back.

The twenty-eight-year-old has remained active throughout the pregnancy and often shares pictures of herself on her social media pages.

Just last month, Bethany Hamilton posted a picture of herself posing in a bikini and a baseball cap as she showed off her baby bump.

She captioned the cheery picture, ‘Less than two months to go’ before she added ‘Can’t wait to snuggle, nurse and just hold this lil baby!’.

For the last two months of her pregnancy, Bethany Hamilton hasn’t been surfing due to doctor’s orders.

Recently she explained that not being able to ride the waves has been the hardest part of the pregnancy for her.

She told her fans in a December post of herself standing by the water, a surfboard resting against her back.

‘The hardest part of pregnancy for me is not surfing! I’m taking a lil break, but it’s soooo worth it! Grow baby grow 🤰🏼✨😃’.

The last time that Bethany Hamilton was spotted hitting the waves was at the six month mark.

Frankly, it isn’t really surprising that she would surf while pregnant as at the age of fourteen she returned to surfing barely six months after she lost an arm in a shark attack while surfing.

The shark attack occurred in 2003 while she was out surfing along Tunnels beach with best friend Alana Blanchard, Alana’s father and her brother Byron.

At the six-month mark, Bethany was spotted surfing in a black bikini top that showed off her growing baby bump.

The professional surfer and author of two books was later spotted heading back to the beach to spend some time with her husband Adam Dirks and son Tobias as they took a baby vacation.

Twenty-eight-year-old Bethany Hamilton met husband Adam Dirks back in 2012 before they got engaged to each other in 2013.

The couple got married in August 2013 in front of three hundred friends and family at a secluded 130-Acre estate on Kauai’s north shore where she grew up.

The couple gave birth to their first son together in June 2015 and from the looks of things, they can’t wait to have their second child.


Written by Evelyn Smith

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