All Stag Do’s Must Include These Things

The part of the wedding schedule that all men look forward to more than most is the stag do. The preparation builds over months of planning the travel, hotels and putting together the final details of what you will be doing when you’re in your final destination. Of course, it’s a time for reflection of what life will be like once you have married your significant other, but its also a time to have fun with your friends that have been there throughout your life. But, what are the essentials that you must remember to do before and during the stag?


The planning is the most crucial part of the stag do, and this responsibility tends to fall on the shoulders of the best man. He will be in charge of planning the ultimate weekend away for the groom and the travelling party. All plans are extensive and take into account different itineraries for various situations; whether that is whether the groom feels fragile from a heavy night or if everyone is feeling free. The plans for those two instances will be contrasting, and the plan should be full-proof, taking into account all possible and likely outcomes.

This is also the case if you’re going to a destination where you all want to desperately go to a tourist attraction or event. Tickets will need to be booked up in advance to ensure that everything goes smoothly and the groom is given the best weekend of his life.


No stag do is complete without the complimentary t-shirts and grooms fancy dress outfit. The latter is a fundamental essential on modern stag days, and the more embarrassing the outfit, the better; remember you are all out there for a good weekend. It is better to buy or rent something from your native country before travelling so that there is no disappointment if anything goes wrong with the collection of the outfit in the country or place you’re visiting.

Cards and Games

On most occasions everyone will be too tired to move in their room after a heavy night or a day full of activities, but it is always worth having a pack of cards to use in the day-time if you’re planning to have a chilled day out at the bar and unwinding on the night before with your mates. You could instead opt to visit a casino while you’re away and play poker there, however, you can play casino games on the go with Novibet, you can check out the official website here.

Stay Refreshed

Most people know that alcohol is the most essential part of a successful stag do, and while that is the case for the majority; you will still need to drink water and eat throughout the day so you can stay away until the early hours of the morning with the rest of the group. Stag dos are an endurance test, and they are frequently a weekend with no sleep, so it is vital to get your energy from eating and drinking water.

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