Amazing Video Shows How Little Boy Steals Girl From Friend On Dance Floor

What do you do when your crush is dancing with another man on the floor, well you steal your girl back of course.

Except in this situation, the culprits are a group of children dancing at a party.

Trey Songz finally has a contender for his unofficial ‘Mr. Steal Yo Girl’ title after a video has surfaced of this particular young Casanova.

An adorable, comical video of a seven-year-old boy stealing a girl from his friend on the dance floor at a kiddies party has gone viral.

Amazing Video Shows How Little Boy Steals Girl From Friend On Dance Floor

A young girl dressed in a flowery frock was initially dancing with another young boy who seemed to be in the same age group with her.

Things, however, were not going very smoothly as the young boy did not quite know how to loosen up and make his dance partner come alive.

Sensing the situation of things, another young boy approached the dance floor and boldly, petulantly asked for a dance from the young girl in question.

Amazing Video Shows How Little Boy Steals Girl From Friend On Dance Floor

Amazingly the young boy has some skills reminiscent of Trey Song’s hit song ‘Mr. Steal Your Girl’ as the young girl left her former dance partner for him.

And he does have some good dancing skills too as they immediately started dancing to the tune of the music arm in arm.

The jilted boy was later seen crying out, although they were mock tears as he seemed to take the rejection in good faith.

Amazing Video Shows How Little Boy Steals Girl From Friend On Dance Floor

The video has since give viral with many observers and viewers commending the second boy for his boldness and dancing skills.

A few viewers did express their support for the boy who was jilted.

This video is similar to another dance video which went viral on YouTube a few weeks ago.

This time around it was just a super cute kid who was busting some serious moves at a wedding in the United States.

The boy danced like no one was watching, totally engrossed in doing his own thing while other guests watched awestruck.

YouTube regular Blake Weir posted it on his page with the title ‘The best dancer I’ve ever seen’ for obvious reasons.

The dance floor was mainly filled with children but one little boy stood out a mile with his unforgettable dance moves.

The phrase ‘dance like nobody is watching’ might have been invented for this little boy as he spins around, jumps and leaps in the air and generally looks like he’s having the time of his life.

This little kid whose name is not known would probably give One Direction a run for their money with his highly original dance moves.

The man filming the footage was clearly impressed by the display, commenting: ‘Look at this kid go. Yes, he is fabulous.’

At one point he spins around and nearly loses his balance but manages to recover himself and carry on dancing totally unconcerned about who is watching.

Maybe just maybe, 2018 is the year for kids to own the dance floor at parties.


Written by Evelyn Smith

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