Best Alcatel Mobile Phone Cases For Solid Protection: Meet The Most Sturdy Alcatel Cases Ever

Alcatel products have been a household name in the phone industry. They are best known for one-touch-range Smart phones.

Over the years, Alcatel has made beautiful designs for their phones. They’ve come up with suitable cases to give extra protection for all Alcatel devices.

So, we are going to look at the best Alcatel Phone Cases you should get right away to give your phone that maximum protection it needs.

Best Alcatel zip LTE Phone Case

Alcatel Zip phone case is made compatible with various models such as the:

    Alcatel A577VL

    Alcatel A576BL

    And Alcatel kore

These cases come with a combat hybrid design and provide your device with the maximum protection against minor drops, shocks, and pressure.

Even with a stellar performance, these cases do not add extra weight or bulkiness to your zip LTE Alcatel phone.

The Alcatel zip LTE Phone cases offer an inner soft layer design with double layer case. The included metal brushed finished hard layer is present to protect your phone against scratches and dents.

While these Cases give your phone a fantastic look, the cut-outs design on it fit into all ports, buttons, and functions.

They also have a tempered glass protector screen to protect against fall and Bumps.

Best Alcatel Raven Phone Cases

Alcatel raven phone cases are super strong case and offer an excellent hand feels. The grip of the cases is superb and very comfortable in the hand.

What about the cases cut-outs?

The cut-outs are very precise. All the ports like the USB charger port and the headphone jack-plug have perfect cutouts. The speakers and the cameras on these cases are well positioned for your phone’s optimal performance.

What are these cases meant for?

Simple! Protection.

Here is an excellent example of our very best:

1. The Alcatel Raven A574BL, Alcatel Verso

The Alcatel Raven A574BL is a double layer case that has an inner layer with a silicone cushion material.

The outer part is of hard plastic to help resist against bumps and fall impact.

Of course, it is straightforward to fix due to their rugged, tough looks and classy feel.

2. Alcatel Raven Case Phonelicious Shockproof

As a way to provide extra security, the Phonelicious Shockproof will protect the front edges; the sides and the back of your phone to ensure all the sides and hardware are duly protected. 

This case has a stylist pen for cell phones and also come with kickstand to make your video and pictures view much fun.

The Phonelicious Shockproof does not take an impact on a fall. When you put the phone down, maybe on the table, it won’t be scratched up.

The camera also has the case protecting it, so it continues to give you high-quality Picture.

3. Alcatel Raven LTE Phone Case

The Alcatel raven LTE case is beautifully designed in various colors to meet classic taste in fashions and designs.

It comes with a high quality pretty soft TPU material, making them very flexible and twistable. This will also prevent the case from cracking and leakage.

The included Silicone technology gives it more lasting protection against scratches and scrapes.

While the Case promises a secure grip, it offers precise cutout openings that allow unobstructed access to buttons and ports.

The Bezel at the edges is raised to lift the screen and back camera off flat surface level, helping to prevent scratches on screen and camera.

Best Alcatel idealxcite Cases

1. Phone Case Alcatel Raven LTE/at&T PREPAID Alcatel idealXCITE.

One of the best Alcatel Idealxcite Case we can boast of its quality and performance is the Phone Case Alcatel Raven LTE/at&T PREPAID Alcatel idealXCITE.

This Case is lightweight and offers a large premium TPU silicone rubber gel, with tough body parts that are impact absorbing.

It comes with a unique and straightforward fitting design for all cut-outs, which allows for a smooth press to controls, ports, and functions, with no need to remove the case.

This case is very easy to install and compatible with a couple of other Alcatel models.

Also, the case is designed to adequately protect the screen with the edges of the case made to suspend the screen from touching the ground. 

2. Alcatel idealXCITE Case, Alcatel CameoX Case, Alcatel Raven LT Case

This Multi-layer case gives shock absorbing protection. It has an inner hard silicone rubber layer to provide extra protection if dropped.

The outer shell and air protection come with shock absorbing cushions. While the corners of the Case have a bumped or dropped design, with its outer shell readily available to offer maximum protection.

With a scratch coat Casing, you’re sure of having your case and phone looking new all day. You’ll still get unobstructed access to the volume buttons, and power buttons.

The Precise cutouts let you have access to the ports, cameras, buttons, mics, and speakers. And in case of extra protection, the Alcatel cases of idealXCITE also has an interior pattern panel that absorbs shock and offers extra protection in case of falls or dropped.

The non-slip side strip is beautifully designed to give you a secure and comfortable grip every time.

Yes, your Camera will be protected as well–thanks to its raised lip to avoid scratches if the phone bumps on any rough Surfaces.

Best Alcatel Fierce 4 Cases

1. Locaa Alcatel Fierce 4 Bling Wallet Case

The Locaa Alcatel Fierce 4 Bling Wallet Case is a carry-all case, with high-quality synthetic leather material. The material has a very smooth feel, and the quality is high profile.

This phone Case has a flip wallet case with a double pocket design. This flip pack is suitable for easy phone installation and extra shock resistance.

It comes with little tube flaps, where you can put in much anything you want, like credit cards, debit cards, ID Cards, and all important things.

You can use the other pocket at the second flap to keep your money and whatever you like. The case also has a magnetic block that secures everything in its place.

2. LK Alcatel Fierce 4 Armor Defender Case

This case can also act as a stand once your phone is actually in it. Your device will get all-around protection with this Case–thanks to its durable and sturdy design.

The Fierce 4 Armor Defender Case also features a Wallet Case for money and credit card slots, available in 6 designs, and 6 colors.

With adequate Smartphone protection and dual-layer design, you’re sure of getting a durable and sturdy Case that will give your phone long lasting protection. 


If you’re looking for the best ALCATEL MOBILE PHONE CASE for your device, then the above Cases will do a great Job in protecting your Phone.  Or visit for more detail.

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