Best Lawn Care Services in Suffolk VA

Hiring the best lawn care services in Suffolk VA doesn’t have to be tedious, meticulous, and as stressful as we often make it. With services that Lenard’s Lawn Care provides, we can make sure that our yard is taken care of by high quality professionals who operate with the utmost precision to ensure that your lawn is handled properly, and with the care that you would expect from someone who loves lawns as much as you do.

What Does the Best Lawn Care Service Offer?

There are many services that Lenard’s, and many others can perform for you. Lenard’s Lawn Care now serving Suffolk Virginia, however, has a very diverse team and years of experience. Not only this, but even the fact that the service is ran by a veteran makes them even more susceptible to give you a quality result for your lawn care needs.

Some of the different services that Lenard’s can give you is landscaping, flowerbeds, lawn care and maintenance, a professional lawn service provider, installation of sod and topsoil, weed and intrusive plant control, mowing, cleanup, and so much more.

What about Winter care?

Normally after the fall, your lawn needs to be properly taken care of so that in the spring, you can have a lush green yard that is already prepared for its first mowing but requires very little maintenance during the rest of the year. If you do things like overseeding your lawn and fertilizing it so the nutrients are absorbed well into the ground, keeping large heavy objects off of it (and not using it for heavy traffic whether it be from feet, pets, or even vehicles), and more. Even heavy amounts of snow piled up on your lawn can kill the grass underneath at the roots and cause thin spots. And don’t ever use sodium-based products around your lawn. Tips like this, and more for every season can be found on Lenard’s website, and they even do some last-minute lawn care for you when it comes to the fall to help you prepare your yard for winter!

What Does Veteran Owned Mean?

Veteran owned means that the business is ran by a military service veteran. Sometimes they’ve retired, and sometimes they’re considered disabled veterans. Just because a service veteran is disabled, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s disabled from working at all, it just means that he served for your freedom and got injured, whether it was in training, or on the field.

Veteran owned means more than that though. By hiring a veteran, you not only get a quality product and professionalism that you wouldn’t get anywhere else by your average Joe civilian business owner, and veterans have a higher sense of pride in their work and customer service skillset. When you hire a veteran, you hire a family member who cares about you and your needs.


Lenard’s lawn care has numerous packages for great prices. You can compare all of their prices on the website, and you can even call them for a free consultation and quote. Without proper lawn care, Virginia Beach lawns can get pretty messy very quickly and easily, so it’s important that you hire the best lawn care service in order to have a healthy lawn all year round.

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