Modern Home Builders Using Eco Friendly Cargo Boxes

There’s a new wave of custom home options that you can choose from when it comes to getting your dream home built for you. Or if you’re the one doing the building, you may have even heard of this method. Shipping container homes that are built by modern home builders using eco friendly cargo boxes are starting to hit the market more and more, and you can be in on this trend too.

Because of numerous demands for smaller homes, custom homes, and most importantly, low-budget homes, eco friendly cargo boxes have started being used for more than just office buildings and storage, and for good reason.

Benefits of Using Shipping Containers for Homes

Cargo boxes are manufactured often overseas, so they’re cheap anyway. You can spend more if you absolutely feel that you have to have a brand new one, but you can use the same quality material if you purchase a used one for a fraction of the cost. Not only that, but you can literally use almost all parts of a shipping container as material for your home, or even for a small enclosed “studio” style home for yourself.

How Easy is it to Get Shipping Containers?

With the market growing in popularity more than ever, you can actually get the shipping containers online now, and for an excellent price. Websites like have them on sale, as well as many more. Some companies even allow you to rent to own the shipping container, but this is normally not used when it comes to using a shipping container as building material.

How is it More Cost Effective?

The reason shipping containers are cost effective is because of their durability, overall strength, the fact that many of them can be insulated easily (you can actually buy them insulated and water tight if you aren’t going to chop it up into smaller sections). Raw materials that are the same type (such as tin, steel plating, etc.) would cost a fortune if you were purchasing them by themselves to use as material for your home. With cargo boxes, you literally get what you see for a couple grand, and there is more than 100 feet of commercial grade material. There are houses that the average build cost is about 40,000, but the house itself once completed was listed on the market for about a million dollars. That’s literally cheaper than most houses that are the market for that same sized home.


When you’re looking to purchase a shipping container, you want to shop around. See what options are, and always make sure that your cargo box has been completely inspected and certified. By doing so, you not only save time and hassle, but you can also ensure the safety and security of your cargo box. Be sure to specify what options you want, such as watertight, sealed, pick door options (as some of these come in super handy), and even the fabricated metal type. Shipping containers are made from a variety of products, so you may be needing to do the same.

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