Best Car Accident Law Firms in San Diego California

When you’re looking for the best of the best for your car accident claim, you may want to get a good lawyer to handle your issue. When a car accident happens, it’s normally traumatic and there are a lot of problems that you may ensue, other than just the psychological. Most car accidents also cause a lot of financial damage to the homes as well, but not just in terms of actual damages, but things like loss of employment, loss of hours, psychological problems of the victim, and more. By hiring one of the best car accident law firms in San Diego California, you can ensure that your case will be handled properly.

What the Best Attorney can Offer

Car accident lawyers like George Arvanitis can ensure that they handle your case with precision. Many times, an insurance company doesn’t want to deal with either the victim, or even the person who is accused of being at fault in an accident. While car insurance is important to have (not having it can lead to severe criminal punishment resulting in gigantic fines, and even jail time), insurance companies are primarily sales driven and will do everything they can to settle for the lowest amount that a person will take. When you do this, you could actually be getting a lot less than you deserve, and are basically getting paid to be “kept quiet” by the insurance company.

What a Car Accident Lawyer Does

The car accident lawyer is actually the mediator in these cases, because what’s important is that he negotiates with the insurance companies for you. Usually once you begin working with a lawyer, an insurance won’t even talk to you anymore (which shows just how well they are wanting to cover their rear ends), so it’s important that you have a great car accident attorney like George Arvanitis which will help you get the most out of it.

Your attorney will take over every single thing that the case needs to handle, from hospital records, to car assessment damage, and much more. Your attorney may send out a counter inspection in order to counter the insurance damage assessment that the insurance inspector may find. Why? Because many times, an insurance inspector only walks around the car, looks around on the outside and the inside a little bit with images, and then draws up a basic figure. They don’t get every single detail and will often miss some that could end up costing the insurance company more money if they had to pay for it. Your San Diego car accident attorney will make sure they get every angle against them and do all of the progressive negotiations with your insurance company.


By visiting this Car Accident Lawyer near San Diego, you can find a great insurance agent, as well as find the best representation for your car accident case. George Arvanitis has been dealing with and representing insurance companies for over 30 years, and then he realized how many people were getting in over their heads against insurance companies. Through compassion and understanding, he now represents those who were hurt or the actual civilians who were involved in a car accident because he has seen first hand how his clients have been affected by these tragic incidents. Having the knowledge on both sides of the fence actually gives an edge to his abilities to represent you, and if you have any problems or are in an accident, you may want to give the firm a call so you can get the most out of your accident.

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