Chris Brown’s Daughter Royalty Proves She’s Got Daddy’s Dance Genes in Christmas Day Video

3-year-old Royalty Brown proved that she’s literally Chris Brown’s mini-me as she showed off beautiful dance steps in a video posted on Instagram

If you have ever doubted the saying ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’, this should be more than enough reason to believe it.

So, it’s an established, undisputable fact that Royalty is one of the cutest, most adorable three-year-olds out there, but what’s even more, is that she’s been showing traits of being an amazing dancer, just like her father.

We can’t help but gush over everything this adorable three-year-old does, as she always manages to steal our hearts with her beautiful curly hair, pretty face, and lovely smile.

The little princess was welcomed by her father, singer-songwriter, Chris Brown and her mother, model, Nia Guzman in May, 2014 and it’s so obvious to see how much she has changed her parents’ lives.

The bundle of joy seems to know just how to celebrate Christmas as she grooves to the all-time Christmas jam – ‘Jingle Bells’.

She was all hyper, throwing dance moves that would certainly give Brown a run for his money some day, proving that a chip off the pretty-still-young block, is what she is.

It was no surprise to see Royalty dancing so well, as this isn’t the first time we’ll be seeing dance videos of her and for a three-year-old, she always manages to kill it every time.

The video was shared on Instagram and as can be expected, we weren’t the only one who caught the baby fever, as there were lots of ‘awwwwwss’ and ‘so cute’ in the comment section.

She wore an adorable red ‘merry Christmas’ sweater, with white cuffs, black pants and matching red and white boots, coupled with a pretty red ribbon hair bow, and was the perfect picture of ‘Christmas-ready’.

If Roro keeps up with this, no doubt she will be just as good an entertainer as her super talented, mega star Pops.


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Despite the fact that her parents had her while they were both still in relationships with other people, and despite custody and child support issues they’ve been having, it is easy to see that her parents are very much in love with her.

The way her dad dotes on her and manages to spend time with her admidst his busy schedule, is definitely something to adore and admire.

Lately, Roro has been quite busy, proving that she’s got more up her sleeves than smooth dance moves.

Yeah, the little adorable sweetheart is now a business woman with two fashion brands.

It was only in August that Roro launched her clothing line, helped by her model mom, Nia and about a month later, she launched her kids-friendly make up line too.

Needless to say, she’s already recording patronage.

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The ‘Royalty Brown collection’ consist of handpicked glams and garbs for trendy toddlers, and seeing how much parents love to glow up their kids these days, it is no doubt that Roro’s brand will flourish.

The adorable, smart, little beauty vlogger took to Youtube, recently, to promote her child-friendly cosmetic care, and her proud daddy showed off his angel on Instagram, by sharing the video.

Keeping a smile on, all through wasn’t at all hard, as we watched Roro give some make up turorials with nail polishes and lip glosses in hues of pink, purple, sky blue and sunshine yellow.

She had painted her nails carefully, showing off cosmetic skills, before going ahead to play with the polishes, and did the exact same with the lip glosses.

It would interest you to know, that the video already has over 2 million views on YouTube.

We really can’t get over this bundle of smarts, skills and beauty, neither can we get over the beautiful daddy and daughter love… God knows they already have enough pictures to last them for a lifetime.

We are definitely keeping our eyes out for more Roro news, and just maybe we’ll get to see another video of her with her nice early Christmas gift – ‘the monkey’.

It’s kind of hard to imagine it was just two years ago her Dad released the album ‘Royalty’ in her honor, and we can’t help remembering the cute video of her vibing to the song ‘Royalty’.

No doubt she’ll grow into a very beautiful woman, making her father even more proud than he already is.

Written by Evelyn Smith

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