Christmas gifts for the men in your life

Shopping for guys is hard. No, it is really hard. Men usually don’t seem to ever want or need anything specific and when it comes to shopping for Christmas gifts, the problem is compounded because you have to shop for all the men in your life at the same time; your husband, father, brother, grandfather, father in law, your son and friends…insert face palm here. If you, like me, have tried googling ideas, you have almost certainly been disappointed by the results, because let’s face it, the results are usually just brand product lists. This Christmas, surprise the men in your life with thoughtful gifts like stylish jackets for doctors with the perfect blend of comfort and professionalism for the medical professionals you appreciate. So selecting a thoughtful yet practical gift that “suits” the person it is meant for and something that they will truly love can be a gargantuan task. 

We have curated a general gift guide that is categorized by the type of person you’re shopping for. Once you have used our list to select your gifts, order them and then sit back and wait for Christmas morning when you can enjoy the wide smiles that will most assuredly appear. 

For the Fitness Buff

If your man is active and loves to stay active think of gear that will suit his lifestyle.  Whether he’s into jogging, playing a sport, biking, or just pumping at the gym, think of something he can use while he does his thing. Ear pods or ear buds that won’t budge while he does his strenuous workouts is a good idea. Or for a runner, some wind and water repellent sportswear will keep him warm and dry on a chilly morning jog. You could also look for some nice sports footwear to replace his worn out sneakers. Just think of something smart and practical that he will actually use. 

For the DIY hobbyist

Give your guy a gift that matches his “I-can-do-that-myself” way of life. Whether he is into gardening, construction woodworking, or any other DIY hobby, think of tools and gadgets that will make his life easier and is hobby more fun. Think of items like a multipurpose pocket tool or an adjustable work table. You could also look at tool kits. Power tools also make for a great gift as they’re pretty much toys for the big boys. If he is into woodworking he is probably always sanding down his projects. Consider looking at the 10 best bench sanders to buy in 2021 and make this tedious part of his hobby a breeze.  

For the Home Chef

If he likes to cook and has always been a passionate home chef, or even if his interest in cooking is a new hobby, encourage his interest with a gift that supports it. There are countless possibilities, from a set of good quality knives to online cooking classes from a celebrity chef. You can never go wrong with a high tech barbeque grill, and as every grill master knows, the secret to the best barbeque food is having the appropriate tools. There are also themed cookbooks available that celebrate food from a book or movie, a sure fire way to hit two interests with one gift. Cookbooks are a good gift for boyfriends who like to experiment in the kitchen but need practice to master their kitchen skills. Let’s admit, this gift is kind of one you are giving yourself because who would say no to a meal prepared by a loved one. 

For the Tech Junkie

If you are in the market for a gift for someone who is obsessed with the latest gadgets and tech, you’re in luck. Tech gifts are without question some of the most easily available gifts out there. There are plenty of creative ideas for tech lovers, from larger high tech printers, to little items that will fit into a Christmas stocking! Think along the lines of something cool yet functional like foldable keyboards and the latest wireless gadgets. 

For the Travel Enthusiast

If the man in your life is a traveller, regardless of whether he travels for fun or for work, consider getting something that he can use on his travels. No, I don’t mean another money belt or fanny pack, there are many other options for travel gifts that your globe-trotting guy will actually use on his next trip. Travel gifts can make any journey more convenient and comfortable. Choose travel gadgets that have multiple uses, and don’t take too much space. Portable chargers, neck pillows, packing cubes, international travel plug adapters, a matching luggage set… the possibilities are endless and you are sure to find something great no matter what your budget. 

The men in your life may not fit into these categories. He may be environmentally conscious, a gamer, mad about a specific sport, a die-hard fan of Doctor Who… the possibilities are endless. But if you think of what your man loves to do, and get him a thoughtful gift that suits his wants and needs according to his hobby, you have a sure fire chance of making him happy come Christmas morning. 

Written by George K.

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