Perfect Holiday Gifts for the Serious Stoner

Some people use marijuana and enjoy the effects. Other people use marijuana and are so in love with the sensation of being high that it becomes their most important hobby.

If you know and love a stoner, you might be wondering what you could possibly get them that shows you care. Here are a few good gift ideas for the stoner who seems to have it all:

Gift Card to Their Favorite Dispensary

Giving money always feels so impersonal, but honestly, cash is one gift that almost everyone appreciates. Gift cards are a smart way to personalize your cash gift, especially if you can find a retailer that your recipient stoner loves and visits often. You might talk to them or someone they are close to about their weed purchasing habits to identify a cherished dispensary that offers gift certificates. On the other hand, you can use online resources to find high-quality dispensaries in their area — like this convenient map of Michigan dispensaries. You might consider giving them a generous gift card to a dispensary with goods that might otherwise be outside their budget or a dispensary that seems accessibly close to their home.

Artistic Weed Storage

Something that many stoners fail to understand is that proper weed storage is imperative to preserving the pot’s quality and keeping its distinctive odor from permeating living spaces. Improperly stored cannabis degrades faster, which leads to a less enjoyable high and a waste of investment on marijuana goodies.

Most stoners on a budget use glass jars or similarly inexpensive storage solutions that don’t function as effectively (or look as attractive) as they could. Thus, you can improve your stoner’s experience tremendously by gifting them a more charming purpose-built weed container. You can find plenty of options inside recreational dispensaries or smoke shops, but you might also consider these professional containers available online.

Cannabis Cookbook

Weed edibles are a stoner essential, but many places have strict rules on what can and cannot be sold in edible form. For example, when Canada first signed recreational weed into law, it prohibited the sale of cannabis gummies entirely, fearing that they are too attractive to children who might overdose on high doses of THC. Though that ruling has since been changed, many U.S. states have similar restrictions on edible goods.

Perfect Holiday Gifts for the Serious Stoner

Thus, stoners interested in a particular edible treat might need to get creative in their home kitchen. Cannabis cookbooks are a great introduction to utilizing this strange ingredient in various styles of cooking and baking — plus, they can provide a foundation of culinary skill that might be useful outside of stoner culture.

Elevated Paraphernalia

Like most hobbies, cannabis requires quite a few particular tools. Even stoners with the simplest taste — for hand-rolled joints and blunts or hand-packed bowls and bongs — require paraphernalia to accomplish their ganja goals. If you know your stoner is working with the barest essentials, you could gift them a high-quality option of any of the following:

Grinder. Grinders are used to process large nuggets of flower into smaller chunks that is more easily rolled or packed. The best grinders have three or more chambers: one for a coarse grind, one for a fine grind and one or more for catching kief, or the finely sifted and highly concentrated weed powder.

Rolling tray. If your stoner is rolling on their kitchen table, they need an upgrade. Rolling trays keep the mess of cannabis confined to one space, making cleanup and care much easier. You can find sophisticated rolling trays with different compartments for keeping paraphernalia better organized.

Rolling papers. There are rolling papers, and then there are elevated rolling papers. As a stocking stuffer, you might gift your stoner some rolling papers made from gold — which are safe to smoke.

Vaporizer. Though vaporizers can be incredibly personal tools — like pipes or bongs — if you know your stoner likes to vape, you can treat them to a high-quality tabletop vape rig. Devices like the Volcano are well-regarded across the cannabis community and sure to elicit genuine gratitude from your recipient.

Stoner Movie Collection

If you can’t think of anything else to get the stoner in your life, you can always indulge their marijuana obsession with a few movies focused on the good green herb. Available in most DVD bargain bins at supermarkets include classic cannabis cinema like:

  • Clerks
  • Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
  • Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle
  • Up in Smoke
  • Pineapple Express
  • Dazed and Confused
  • The Big Lebowski

Stoners love to celebrate the holiday season just like everyone else, and you should be willing to show your appreciation for them, even if you don’t partake in the same stoner habits. These gift ideas are sure to make your recipient a bit merrier, both through the holidays and well after.

Written by George K.

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