The Pros and Cons of Taking Nootropic Supplements

Besides taking a healthy diet and incorporating a fitness routine into your lifestyle, supplements are also one of the best options to lead a healthy life. From time immemorial, different supplements are continually becoming part of human consumption. 

Nootropic is one such supplement. If you have been thinking about using the smart wonder drug, here are the pros and cons you should know about before popping it in your mouth.


Nootropic Is a smart drug that will revolutionize your life, as outlined below.

Boosts Memory

Increasing your memory is one of the best perks of nootropics. If you have trouble remembering simple tasks, this supplement is right for you. You will no longer have trouble finding your car keys or remembering what you were to accomplish first the minute you get to the office.

Additionally, it is also an effective remedy for increasing your attention span. If you always quickly lose interest in a task and start on another before completion, you should consider taking the supplement. It will help you concentrate on your tasks better until you finish. Furthermore, it is also ideal for increasing your attention in schoolwork, which will also translate to grasping concepts faster, thus, improving your performance.

Healthy Brain Function

A healthy brain is one of the most admirable attributes of a healthy body. However, your brain functions and effectiveness will diminish with age. The brain neurons gradually become slower and may not perform as efficiently as at a young age. The good news is that nootropic supplements will slow down the aging of brain cells, protecting them against the wear and tear which comes with aging. Consequently, your brain will remain healthier for longer and will perform better cognitive functions. Additionally, with exposure to mental functions, your brain cells become worn out. Nootropic, on the other hand, will reduce the damages.

Lowers Stress Levels

In your day-to-day life, you may experience situations that will leave you anxious and mentally overwhelmed. Many scenarios can spike your stress levels ranging from the pressure to settle bills, school work, family life, and even maintaining a healthy work balance. In such instances, you maintained to become anxious and stressed, affecting your ability to perform effectively.

The supplement will reduce your anxiety levels, which helps you keep stress at bay. Consequently, you can also avoid falling into depression.

Keep Brain Fatigue at Bay

Brain fatigue is uncomfortable. It gives you a mental fog, reducing your ability to concentrate, sleep, focus, and even functions effectively. When you use nootropics, it will diminish the brain fog effect, allowing you to increase your productivity by working harder and smarter for a longer time. Additionally, you will also have higher energy levels, which will help you accomplish your tasks better. With better mental clarity, you can also make the right decisions, positively influencing your life.


Just like everything in life, every attribute that has positive aspects must have its flaws as well. No single product exists with 100% positive influence without the negatives. Nootropic supplement also has its two sides of the coin. In case you are wondering, below all the cons of using the smart drug.

Abdominal Problems

Frequent visits to the washroom are a nightmare for all. The feeling becomes worse if you are in a new place, and you may find it embarrassing. When you overuse the supplement more than your body needs, you may experience excruciating abdominal pains, which are also uncomfortable.

In some instances, you may experience bouts of nausea and eventually vomiting. 


Frequent tossing and turning in bed, unable to fall asleep and maintain it throughout the night is quite unbearable. When you take the supplements a few moments before you go to bed, it may affect your ability to sleep. Instead, you will have increased energy with its brain cell stimulation, causing you to lay awake in bed.


The Pros and Cons of Taking Nootropic Supplements

Arguably one of the most severe disadvantages to the supplement is its addiction attribute. Once you get accustomed to high brain processing and boost in performing your tasks, it becomes an uphill task to live without it. Every moment you will want a feel of top performance in all your tasks. Nevertheless, to avoid such a scenario, it is advisable to use it wisely. Overusing it may result in the effects. Furthermore, the supplements may not be a cost-friendly alternative among some part of the demographic. 

Nevertheless, that shouldn’t stop you from using it to increase your cognitive function’s ability. It will prove a worthy investment for you in the long run. When you use the supplement correctly, you will boast of increased brain function, which will also translate to a general energy boost.

Written by George K.

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