6 Creative Ideas To Give A Surprise Gift

surprise gift ideas

Gifts that are curated with thoughts hold a special place for the giver and receiver, that is why I have brought you 6 creative gifts to surprise your loved ones for any occasion. Let’s see what they are.

1. Star/moon map

Are you looking to give a creative gift to your girlfriend or wife, your husband maybe? Then this creative idea is surely going to melt their hearts. You would obviously remember the first day you two met or your anniversary date or the first time you kissed.

A star map is basically a pictorial representation of what the stars looked like on that exact date. You can also go ahead and spot constellations of your choice and frame them. It’s probably the most beautiful way of saying our story was written in the stars to your significant other.

For the partners who get lost in the beauty of the moon. Just Google what the moon looked like on any date you want to and get it printed on a glass frame. I am sure your partner is going to love this gift.

2. Spa care package

If your partner is a skincare addict then no other gift can top more than this one. But we aren’t going to give them a random set of moisturizers and toners. We are actually going to make a spa care package for them. Before buying anything, just give a thought to what they smell like? Do they always smell like vanilla? Or strawberry? Or fruity?

Whatever answer you get is their signature smell. That is why we are going to find a spa package that caters to their needs on a hard day but also makes them smell like they always do. Trust me, there isn’t a more beautiful gesture like this one. Pick out your favourites and put them in a small basket. They would love it.

You can also gift a package like this to your boyfriend or husband because ladies, self-care is for everyone. Isn’t it?

3. Personalized diamond rings

Planning for the big proposal? Then this gift has got you covered. If you are the type of partner who is known for doing something different every time, then you will definitely love this.

First, for your big night, find engagement rings Melbourne, and go for ones that have a wide band. Then go ahead and inscribe whatever you want to. It can be “will you marry me” or “will you be mine forever” or “MRS ___?”

Or any message of your choice that communicates you want to marry your partner.

And just when they thought the ring was a surprise gift, the message will bring them to your arms.

4. Wooden plaque

Do you like giving grand declarations of love? Then this creative idea is surely going to get you excited. Oh, and by the way, this gift can be given to anyone you are close to and they will simply love it.

Grab any picture you have with your loved one and get it printed on one side of the wooden block on another side, write a small message for them. You can also add a LED light at the bottom, which will make the plaque glow in the dark. And there you go, your beautiful gift is ready to be gifted.

5. Hand-painted mini desk calendar

Every desk needs a calendar and this one will be the cutest of all. If you have a knack for painting, then you can buy a mini-DIY desk calendar and paint it all by yourself and give it to your favourite person. When they see the effort you have put into it, it will fill their hearts with love.

But don’t worry, if you are not a painter, there are various small businesses that sell aesthetic calendars, perfect for homes and offices. Explore your social media and you won’t be disappointed with the number of available options.

If you are buying these for your little cousins, go with animated calendars, they would not get enough of it.

6. Butterfly pin

Want to get something for your introverted friend? Then give them this butterfly pin. A butterfly denotes a free spirit, someone who stays alone but is still so pretty.

Giving your loved ones this pin would make them feel valued and appreciated. Well, what else do you want?

Over to you…

Each one of the gifts on this list is our favourite, but which would be the one you would go for to surprise your favourite person?

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