7 Laptop Hacks And Tricks

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If you have recently bought a new laptop and don’t know about some time-saving hacks and tricks then you are definitely missing out. These tricks will unlock the new potential of your laptop and make things easier for you. But don’t believe whatever I say.

Keep reading the article and get blown away by these tricks… that is going to change your life.

1. Recover files after deleting them

To be honest, it is indeed quite frustrating to shift all unnecessary files to the recycle bin. And the cherry on top would be the times when you realize that there was an important file that is now permanently deleted.

To save you from such situations, here’s a hack that you should know. Download Recuva, it is one of the top programs out there to recover permanently deleted files. You just have to type what kind of file you are looking for and the program will search it for you.

But keep in mind, if the file has been deleted long back then chances are you won’t be able to recover it.

2. A quick hack to speed up your PC

Most people complain about their PC working too slow or getting stuck every time without taking care of this one simple thing. Your. Own. Desktop. Yep, you read that right. Having a messy and unorganized desktop is one of the core reasons why your desktop is working very slow.

So, instead of keeping a folder for every little thing, create one folder and keep similar items in there. You will be surprised to see how much your laptops’ speed will increase if you just use this small trick.

3. Charge your laptop faster

If you are on the move with a discharged laptop, and you have limited time to recharge it, then use this godsend hack. Just enable airplane mode on your laptop.

By doing this, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other things get disabled, allowing the laptop to charge faster. If you do this, expect the PC to get fully charged about 10 to 15 minutes before usual.

4. Use a Laptop Stand

Many people have turned to using laptop stands. They help prevent your computer from overheating and retain charge better. A foldable laptop stand can also be used at home, work, or on the go. They are particularly helpful at reducing strain on your eyes, back, and neck. Laptop stands are ergonomic and prevent daily pains while working. 

5. Open a new tab easily

You don’t have to open Chrome every time to open a new tab. Just click on CTRL+T and it will automatically take you to a fresh page.

6. Deleting browser history faster

There are around 5.6  million searches per day. This amount of searches can make your PC slow. Moreover, there are extra chances of sensitive information leaking out if the PC ever gets hacked. That’s why it is very important to keep deleting browser history regularly.

And here’s an easy trick for that. Just press CTRL+Shift+DEL. Together. It will take you straight to the option of deleting your entire browser history. Then all you have to do is click the confirm button and it’s done.

7. Save yourself when pc is crashing

Most people panic when their PC starts crashing. They head onto pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL and then find the taskbar. Instead, try this. Press CTRL+SHIFT+Esc.

This button will take you straight to the taskbar and from there you will be able to save your pc. After all, fewer steps matter a lot during these times.

8. Ask Google about your PC problems

Ever happened that you went to a PC expert for a problem and they solved it in just 5 minutes? If that incident took you by surprise, then wait for what’s coming next. Whenever you have problems with your pc just head out to Google and ask for it.

You can say anything like “why is my PC working slow” or “how to change the keyboard in italics”. Google will answer you in simple ways without making you feel dumb. Now, isn’t that just amazing? Open a new taskbar (just like how I told you) and see for yourself.

9. Screenshot any images

Screenshots are extremely important and we all know how to capture them on our phones. But can we do that on the laptop as well? Yes, you can.

Find the print screen button on your laptop. To take a screenshot of an active window press ALT+Print Screen together. It will instantly take a screenshot of the page you are on. Don’t believe me. Buy Asus laptops and use the keys to take a screenshot of this page. You will find the image in your files.

Over to you…

These were some awesome tips and tricks we wish we knew earlier. And now that you know them too, it’s going to make your PC work so much better and easier.

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