Cushion Buying Tips from the Experts

Cushion Buying Tips from the Experts

Are you planning on buying new cushions from your home? While cushions do not seem particularly significant and are often forgotten about, the impact that they can have on the design of your home (and the comfort) is tremendous. Because of this, you should always give great care and consideration to the cushions that you do buy for your home, first to ensure that they match your home’s interior design, and second to ensure that they are comfortable and will not make people uncomfortable when they sit against them! Yes, it is fair to say cushions are very important.

In today’s article, we are going to bring you a few cushion buying tips from the experts. It is always exciting buying new furniture, such as a sofa or lounger, and it can be easy to forget about buying cushions, but cushions are very important!

Here are some cushion buying tips brought to you by the experts themselves.

Measure Your Sofa or Chair

To begin with, measure your sofa or chair so that you can get the precise measurements for what would look appropriate or good cushion-wise. You do not want to get cushions that are huge and put them on a tiny sofa, and conversely, you do not want tiny cushions on a huge sofa. Measurements are very important, though very few people go to the effort of applying measurements to the cushion buying process (which is probably why their cushions look so awful, am I right?)

The Cushion’s Fabric

You should always try to buy cushions with natural and sustainable fabrics. They do not necessarily have to be comfortable to touch, because you will be covering them anyway. A cushion’s fabric should be something that, we think, has not come at a detriment to the environment, and that instead, comes from responsible sources. How can you relax lying down on a cushion in the knowledge that it has come at a detriment to the environment and caused destruction in its wake? A cushion’s fabric is something to give a lot of thought to before you pull the trigger and buy a new cushion.

The Cushion’s Filling

Oh, so much goes into buying a cushion you wouldn’t believe it. Now, do you want to support unsustainable, chemically-infused fabrics that will deteriorate and could even off-gas and leak chemicals into your home? No? We didn’t think so. To avoid becoming the victim of low-quality and shoddy manufacturers, invest in a cushion that has a filling that is sustainable and comfortable. If you want to remain ethical, then avoid duck feathers at all costs. The way that ducks suffer should not, and is not, be supported or be considered ‘the most comfortable option’.

The Cushion’s Cover

Now, here is where it gets tricky. You need to, according to the pillow professionals from Simply Cushions, first, know your room’s color. You must ensure the pillow or cushion cover matches and accentuates this. You do not want to introduce a cover into your room that is at odds with the color scheme you have got going on. Be sure to match everything so that the aesthetic of your room is uniform and harmonious. Do not be that guy with brown walls and beaded pink covers. Seriously, don’t be that guy.

Cushion Buying Tips from the Experts


When introducing cushions into your living room, you may want to consider adding a few blankets, too. Blankets can accentuate your cushions and bring more attention to them, plus you can create a warm and cozy environment in your home. Blankets, like cushions, should be sustainable and environmentally friendly. You can find several sustainable blankets online. We are living in a day and age where sustainability is becoming incredibly important and is regularly thrust into the public sphere. Give blankets some serious thought and make your home nice, comfortable, and inviting for anyone who comes in!

Comfort is Key

When you are selecting cushions, you should give the most amount of attention to comfort. Your cushions are, as they are designed to be, for sitting. Some people focus purely upon aesthetics, which is a great shame and takes a lot of the joy out of buying cushions or pillows. Try to buy cushions that are comfortable and inviting, as opposed to hard, rigid, and unwelcoming. Comfort should be your primary concern when you are buying a cushion and you should avoid buying anything that does not seem comfortable to you. Seriously, you will end up regretting it.

Buying cushions is a rite of passage for new homeowners. But it can be incredibly difficult, new and old homeowners alike. The suggestions made here should make the process much easier and more manageable. Thanks for your time.

Written by George K.

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