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Eminem Says Chris Brown Was Right To Hit Rihanna In Alleged Leaked Song

Rapper Eminem has been catching heat for an alleged leak track dissing Rihanna. 

The Oscar winner’s lyrics see him siding with Chris Brown after he assaulted then girlfriend  Rihanna in 2009. 

According to Insider, in a leaked snippet Eminem could allegedly be heard saying: “Of course I side with Chris Brown, I’d beat a b**** down too.”

The beat of the song would seemingly become B.o.B’s 2011 track Things Get Worse.

Eminem Says Chris Brown Was Right To Hit  Rihanna In Alleged Leaked Song

Eminem, 47, and Rihanna, 31, worked together on smash hit songs Love The Way You Lie parts I and II just the year before in 2010.

The two superstars sparked a friendship and have went on to work together two other times including 2012’s Numb and 2013’s The Monster. 

Rihanna fans took to Twitter to blast Eminem over the song leak including one who wrote: “eminem grown a** really glorifying rihanna abuse for a damn song after my fav lend her vocals to numerous songs for him is disgusting.”

Eminem Says Chris Brown Was Right To Hit  Rihanna In Alleged Leaked Song

Chris Brown and Rihanna dated on and off from 2008 to 2013.

Brown was charged with felony assault and making criminal threats after an argument turned violent. He then physically assaulted then-girlfriend Rihanna in Los Angeles on Feb. 8, 2009. 

The incident took place in Los Angeles on Feb. 8, 2009. 

Chris pleaded not guilty in April 2009 to one count of assault and one count of making criminal threats. 

Eminem Says Chris Brown Was Right To Hit  Rihanna In Alleged Leaked Song

He later pleaded guilty to a felony after accepting a plea on June 22, 2009. The “Undecided” singer received five years of probation and ordered to do community service and domestic violence counseling. 

In a video to fans, Chris accepted “full responsibility” for the incident and pleaded for forgiveness from his “deepest regret.”

Rihanna and Chris briefly reunited again in early 2013.

“It’s different now. We don’t have those types of arguments anymore. We talk about sh*t. We value each other. We know exactly what we have now, and we don’t want to lose that,” the Umbrella singer told Rolling Stone.

But the relationship ended for good a few months later.

Written by Christine Haveford

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