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Facts About CVOR Nurses

What is a CVOR Nurse? CVOR stands for Cardiovascular operating room nurse. CVOR nurses have specific duties and responsibilities and they are part of the surgical services and operating room team. So they play an important role when it comes to assisting patients who have cardiac issues and need operations. Let’s take a look at the responsibilities of CVOR nurses and the facts about CVOR nurses.

What does a CVOR nurse do?

CVOR nurses have a lot of duties and responsibilities and these includes:

Assessment of Patient’s Medical Status

The CVOR nurse has to record all the necessary data of the patient on admission and throughout the treatment process. They have to document all the procedures done to the patients so the medical team can easily follow the patient’s case. 

Assist in Implementing Individualized Treatment

Each patient has a different response to medical treatment. That’s why the medical team creates individualized treatment for each patient, especially those who have cardiac issues. As CVOR nurses, they are included in the implementation of the treatment so they have to master the procedure and how it is administered so they can do their duties when they are on shift. 

Care for the Patient Before and After the Operation 

Preparing the patients before the operation, during, and after is part of the CVOR nurses’ duties. They have to make sure that the patient’s vitals are stable and good throughout the process. They also assist the patients in any way needed. 

Assist Physicians

As CVOR nurses, they have to assist the physician during the procedure, especially when sedating the patient. Nurses always assist physicians and surgeons when doing procedures for patients.

Administer Medication 

CVOR nurses are allowed to administer medications to patients as long as they are prescribed by the physician. That’s why nurses should be knowledgeable in dosages and effects of medicines on patients since it is part of their job to also verify the medication being given before giving them to the patient. Plus cleaning and dressing of wounds are also included in their duties as well as monitoring vital signs. 

Ensure Safety of Patients at All Times 

Keeping their patients safe at all times is a nurse’s duty. So they have to monitor the patient’s condition at all times so they can make sure they are given the right treatment if ever they need one. 

How To Become a CVOR Nurse?

Before one can become a CVOR nurse, there are skills and qualifications they need to have, and these include:


One should have finished a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and be an active registered licensed nurse. Which means they should pass the NCLEX. Licenses are key to being able to do their duties and responsibilities. There is also the SLE admissions test for nursing school.


1 to 2 years of experience is needed to be qualified as a CVOR nurse. Experience in the operating rooms is recommended since this can be proof that they can indeed handle CVOR nurses’ duties. 


CVOR nurses are required to have Basic life support (BLS) certificate and an advanced cardiovascular life support (ACLS) certificate. Since they will be handling patients with heart issues, special training and skills are needed. 

Strong Organization Skills 

Since monitoring patients closely is needed when you are a CVOR nurse you should have strong organizational skills. With all the duties and responsibilities that needed to be done then CVOR nurses should be able to manage their time in accomplishing all these duties within their shift. 

Knowing the facts about CVOR nurses will give you an idea of how to be qualified or know if you are already qualified as a CVOR nurse. The good thing about having specialization as a nurse is getting a higher hourly rate. So have yourself be qualified by getting the experience you need as well as the training and skill. In that way, you will be ready in no time to work as a CVOR nurse. As a nurse, it is good to advance your career by grabbing opportunities where you can learn more knowledge and skills to build up your career. Prepare yourself now and stay connected with potential connections to be able to achieve your goal as a CVOR nurse. 

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