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Stay Energized: 7 Tasty And Useful Caffeine-Free Drinks

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The culture of hot drinks became popular long before Millennials got obsessed with wine and coffee. ‘Start your day with a cup of latte and end your evening with a glass of Chardonnay.’ So much advertised by Instagram influencers, this seems a great principle to follow. However, we advise you to substitute your wine and coffee with other drinks. Why so? Think of cardiovascular diseases and other health issues, and you’ll get it. 

How to start loving caffeine-free drinks and consume less coffee? Check the article below. 

Why Try Other Drinks?

Don’t get us wrong – we love coffee. Nonetheless, we think that the coffee culture has unfairly excluded other amazing beverages. Next time you search for help with your essay on, try other drinks that don’t sound like ‘mocaccino’ or ‘latte.’ Time to discover new names!

Why Substitute Coffee With New Beverages?

  • Aren’t you tired of having the same drink for years? We advise you to try something new out of curiosity. Start your morning with matcha tea or lemon water at least once;
  • Caffeinated drinks might take their toll on your health. If you’re not careful with your caffeine intake, your health problems will pile up. Digestive issues, anxiety, tremor, cardiovascular problems… The list goes on and on; 
  • Some drinks are more affordable than others. A cup of tea is cheaper than a cup of cappuccino. Why not save some money?

Below, you’ll find a list of drinks very low on caffeine or totally free of it. Just choose your favorite!

Drink #1: Black, Green, and Hibiscus

Yeap, those are all names of tea. Unfortunately, tea is underrated in modern beverage culture. The drink is mistakenly considered a beverage of the British only or the drink of the oldest. Obviously, the truth is different. Tea is less popular because the world has always associated coffee with the hustle culture. 

Why add a cup of tea to your morning routine?

  • Tea contains half of the caffeine which a cup of coffee commonly suggests; 
  • Black and green tea are associated with fewer health issues if compared to coffee;
  • Hibiscus tea contains the highest number of antioxidants. Not only does tea wake you up, but it also improves your skin condition.

Drink #2: Chicory Coffee

The chicory powder is extracted from the chicory root and is later roasted and brewed. If you ever wanted to fight your coffee addiction, chicory is a perfect option. All because the chicory root tastes exactly like coffee. The magic trick – it’s caffeine-free. 

Other amazing properties of chicory are:

  • The plant contains inulin that promotes the growth of bacteria in the digestive tract;
  • The chicory root influences bile production. Therefore, the plant can improve your gallbladder state;
  • You can brew it like usual coffee beans. Oh, don’t forget about the powder, which is the best option if you lack time in the morning.

Drink #3: Lemon Water

Stay Energized: 7 Tasty And Useful Caffeine-Free Drinks

Unlike traditional hot beverages, lemon water offers a fresh taste of mint and lemon. In fact, you may pack your beverage with any fruit and greens you like. The most popular ingredients to add to lemon water are mint, basil, and cucumbers. You can also opt for oranges and limes if they’re your favorite citrus fruit. 

Why choose lemon water?

  • You can drink it both cold and warm. Just add some hot water to the glass if you prefer the second option;
  • The citrus fruit contains Vitamin C that is both an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredient. In the end, lemon water boosts your immune system and stimulates your bile secretion;
  • Unlike coffee, a glass of lemon water will hydrate your body.

Drink #4: Kombucha

Kombucha is a relatively new product in the beverage market. The drink is a black tea mixed with bacteria and yeast. It’s also a sweetened drink due to the sugar added during the brewing process. 

Why is kombucha so popular?

  • It contains probiotics and antioxidants resulting from the fermenting process;
  • The beverage reduces cholesterol in your blood and boosts your digestive system;
  • It is sweet and tasty. 

We don’t advise you to make kombucha at home as there is a high risk of pathogens. You can always find a bottle of fresh kombucha at the supermarket while staying safe.

Drink #5: Hot Chocolate

The drink of the Mayans and Aztecs, hot chocolate is a sweet nutritious beverage that improves your mood. Pair it with a marshmallow, and you’re ready to serve your holiday drink. You can also spice your beverage up with coriander, cardamom, and nutmeg.

What are the other useful properties of cocoa?

  • This ingredient improves your cognitive skills;
  • Unlike coffee, cocoa reduces the chances of heart attack due to the flavanols it contains;
  • It boosts your endorphin levels;
  • Like tea, cocoa contains antioxidants. However, their amount is three times higher than in tea and other drinks. 

Drink #6: Chai Tea

Stay Energized: 7 Tasty And Useful Caffeine-Free Drinks

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A kind of black tea that includes spices and a variety of herbs. Chai improves your concentration and contains tons of antioxidants. Like cocoa, chai also reduces the risk of a heart attack. The drink is perfect for fans of spiced-up beverages. 

Which ingredients to add to chai?

  • Peppercorns; 
  • Ginger;
  • Cinnamon;
  • Cloves. 

After you boil the mix, add milk and sugar if you want a cup of chai tea latte. Otherwise, leave it as it is and wait till the drink gets cold.

Drink #7: Vanilla and Almond Beverage

This drink is perfect for winter evenings. Buy a pack of milk and spices. Pour some milk into the pan and add the vanilla extract. Later, throw in some almond powder. Add spices like cardamom and coriander to enrich the taste. Boil it. Now you can enjoy your tasty hot drink!

Why choose this drink?

  • It’s perfect for the holiday season;
  • Great for the fans of plant milk;
  • You can add spices, making the result extremely delicious and nutritious.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a Millennial, words like ‘latte’ or ‘cappuccino’ sound natural in your morning menu. Having a favorite drink is great. But how often do you opt for new opportunities? The world of beverages has so many things to offer. Like the ones in the list of caffeine-free beverages above. 

We hope you’ve already chosen a brand new drink to start your next morning with. Good luck and stay healthy!

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