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Fat Perez Wife: Everything about Anne Cole Stubbe


  1. Anne Cole Stubbe is a pure barre instructor.
  2. Anne and Nick first met in 2018 through a mutual acquaintance and fell for each other immediately.
  3. In 2021, Nick proposed to Anne and she said yes immediately.

Fat Perez is a renowned personality in social media. He is also an entrepreneur and is passionate about golf. Behind this successful man is his wife, Anne Cole Stubbe who is a pure barre instructor. She is the one who is her husband’s pillar of strength and showers him with unconditional love. This article will unearth everything about Anne Cole Stubbe who is a very private person.

Unveiling the Details of Anne Cole Stubbe – Fat Perez Wife 

Anne Cole Stubbe is a person who doesn’t like to hog the limelight. She prefers to keep her personal life to herself. She was born into a well-to-do family, yet she ensured that her status never got to her head. 

Her parents are John and Mary Walker who are lawyers by profession. They are well-known in Richmond, Virginia. Anne Cole Stubbe has two elder brothers. Her family is a close-knit one and they always loved and supported her. Both her brothers were very protective of her.

Education and Career Details of Anne Cole Stubbe 

Anne Cole Stubbe did her schooling at the Collegiate School. She excelled in her academics and was an attentive and ambitious student. Not only in studies, she also fared well in extracurricular activities. At school, she had many feathers under her belt. 

She served as a cheerleader, played lacrosse, and was also a part of the honor society at her school. She was passionate about fitness and wellness. So, after graduating in the stream of honors, she followed her passion for these two at the University of Virginia. She chose kinesiology – the study of human movement and turned into a certified pure barre instructor who teaches exercises that are a combination of ballet, pilates, and yoga.

Love Story of Anne Cole Stubbe and Fat Perez 

Fat Perez’s original name is Nick Stubbe. So, how and when did the love story start between Fat Perez and Anne Cole? They first met in 2018 through a mutual acquaintance and fell for each other immediately. They realized they had similar tastes in most of the matters including golf, fitness, and exploring new adventures. 

So, they began dating and took their relationship to the next level. They understood that they were soul mates. Both of them spent lots of time with each other and enjoyed playing golf, visiting the gym, and even traveling to exotic locations. They were a pillar of strength to each other, and never opposed one another’s goals and dreams. They grew stronger as individuals and also as a couple.

It was in 2021 that Nick proposed to Anne, and she accepted it without any hesitation. They had their dream wedding in the presence of their families and friends. Their honeymoon was equally memorable and they didn’t forget to play their favorite golf there too. They visited some of the most popular golf courses in the world and played there.

Marital Life of Nick Stubbe and Anne Cole Stubbe 

Nick and Anne Cole Stubbe are enjoying their married life in Richmond, Virginia. They create videos for the YouTube channel Bob Does Sports. The channel is so popular that more than half a million people have subscribed to it. Apart from creating videos for this channel, they manage their own business too.

They are an inspirational couple and never fail to support each other. Anne Cole Stubbe is not simply recognized as Nick Stubbe’s wife but has carved her own identity. 

What is the Net Worth of Anne Cole Stubbe?

The net worth of Anne Cole Stubbe is not disclosed publicly anywhere. But, that will not be a problem as one can easily get an idea about her net worth based on her profession and her contribution to her husband’s business. She might definitely possess a sufficient amount of wealth. 

When it comes to the net worth of Nick Stubbe, his net worth is approximately considered to be around $700,000. He leads a luxurious life with his wife in Richmond, Virginia. They are also the proud owners of luxurious vehicles including the Ford F150 and Tesla Model 3.

A Little About Nick Stubbe – Anne Cole Stubbe’s Husband 

Nick Stubbe is a known face in social media and everyone is well aware of his passion for golf. He often posts funny content on YouTube and Instagram. He was born to Kevin and Lisa Stubbe. His father was a bond manager, and his mother was a homemaker. His sisters are Morgan Stubbe and Cynthia Stubbe. 

Nick holds degrees in history and accounting. His father introduced him to golf at an early age and his interest in the game developed from there. He played golf both in high school and college.

Nick worked at Capital One and Keiter in the finance sector. But his interest in golf made him quit his job. He met Robby Berger who launched the social media platform Bob Does Sports and started working on the channel permanently. This is where he adopted his nickname, Fat Perez. 


  1. When was Nick Stubbe’s born?

Nick Stubbe was born in 1978 and resides in Virginia, USA.

  1. What is the profession of Anne Cole Stubbe?

Anne Cole Stubbe is a certified pure barre instructor.

Wrapping Up 

Nick Stubbe alias Fat Perez and Anne Cole Stubbe are the perfect example of a power couple. They both have carved their own individual identity and are successful together too. Both of them share similar interests, and are not only husband and wife but are also best friends. One can take them as an inspiration to learn how to have a successful married life and also help one another in achieving their goals and dreams. 

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