Helpful Tips for Adopting a Cat

Making the decision to bring a new family member home is a serious one to make. Once you decide to adopt a cat, you must realize that along with owning a pet comes many responsibilities. Along with these responsibilities, however, comes many rewards as well.

If you’re ready to provide a cat with their forever home, then you must first know how to adopt a cat. Knowing all of the steps before starting the process will make it easier for you, the cat, and the entire family! In this guide below, you’ll discover a few different tips and tricks to keep in mind before starting the adoption process.

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Consider Buying All the Essentials First

When adopting any new pet, there are certain essentials you’ll need to purchase to ensure they have a happy and healthy life with you in your home. When bringing home a cat, you’ll want your cat to have all their necessities. Cats love scratching posts where they can scratch, climb, and relax on.

They also enjoy playing with a variety of fun cat toys as well. You can also consider purchasing a cat toothbrush and toothpaste to keep their teeth and gums healthy. After you grab these items, don’t forget the must-haves, such as the litter box, water and food bowls, and high-quality food.

If you’re planning on adopting an older cat, then understand they might have health issues due to their age. You can also consider researching ahead of time about different products that can help older cats. CBD oil and other CBD products have now been made specifically for pets to help with pain and more.

Be sure to check out more information about the products before making a purchase. You only want the best. You should also speak with a vet about the best option.

Buying all the essentials ahead of time ensures your cat has an ideal space to come home to. All of these items added up can get expensive so buying them little by little before adopting the cat is a great idea!

Adopt From a Place You Feel Good About

There are several different places you can adopt a cat from. You can adopt from breeders, from pet stores, from shelters, or from a rehoming site. The best place to adopt your cat from is the place you feel the most comfortable with and the place you feel the best about.

It’s always a wonderful thing to be able to save a cat from a shelter or from a rehoming site. Many shelters will also provide basic care to the cat before allowing him or her to be adopted out to a new family. Some of those basics are deworming and flea prevention.

Take the time to research the place before choosing it as your place to adopt from. A basic online search for reviews should give you some good information. You can also visit their website to get more information.

The cost of cat adoption will depend on where you decide to adopt. You can call ahead of time to ask about adoption fees.

Visit the Cat for a Playdate Ahead of Time

If you feel confident about the place you’ll be adopting from, then it’s now time to visit the cat for a playdate! If you saw the cat online or saw the cat at the shelter and believe you’re interested in adopting, then you’ll want to ask for some playtime with this cat.

See how the cat interacts with you and the rest of the family. What’s the cat’s demeanor like? Will he or she be a good fit for the family?

Don’t hesitate to spend time playing with a few other cats as well. You never know when the right one might come along and steal your heart unexpectedly.

Be Patient With the Process

After you sign the papers and officially adopt the cat, you’ll want to remember to be patient with your new family member. Depending on the cat, it might take a few days or weeks before he or she feels comfortable roaming around the house and interacting with you.

If the cat runs under a bed or in another hiding place as soon as taking them home, then understand this is normal behavior. Don’t try to scare or push them out of hiding. Be patient.

Give them time to adjust. You can also consider confining them to one room at first and then opening up more of the house to them as time passes. This might make the adjustment easier on the anxious and scared kitty.

Schedule an Appointment With the Vet

Even if you adopt from a local shelter and know the cat’s had certain treatments, you should still schedule an appointment with a vet. Taking your new cat to the vet will give you, the vet, and the cat a chance to all meet with one another and become acquainted.

The vet will be able to answer any questions you may have about the cat’s health, eating routine, and more. If there are any underlying health issues with the cat that weren’t addressed at the shelter, then the vet can now address them with you and provide a proper treatment plan.

While visiting the vet, be sure to ask about pet insurance as well. Taking this step is a great way to ensure your cat is healthy and happy.

Learn How to Adopt a Cat Today

Now that you know how to adopt a cat, it’s time to finally bring your new family member home. Be sure to keep this guide handy when going through the process.

Best wishes to you and the entire family!

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