Here’s How To Organize A Successful Product Launch Event

Organizing a successful product launch event is actually not that hard. The only thing you’ll need to do is plan the right kind of approach and make sure you have everything in place. Keep in mind that throughout this whole process, from planning the product launch to even going through your new product’s actual launch date, you should always be thinking about how to create an event that is exciting, fun, and profitable for your company. Here’s how to organize a successful product launch event.

Write A Press Release

A press release is one of the most powerful tools available to a marketing team. When used correctly it can spread your message far and wide at little cost.

A successful press release contains four main elements:

Objective: What is the purpose of sending out this press release? If it’s to announce a new product, then you need to demonstrate how that new product will change lives and revolutionize the industry in which it operates. The more impact and influence you can demonstrate on a potential readers’ life, the more likely you are to get them interested.

Who: Make it clear from the start who your product is for and why they would want to buy or use it. Tell us how much better their lives will be once they have your product. Subconsciously this kind of appeal is going to make them feel better about the prospect of having your product and therefore more likely to make a purchase.

How: It is important to demonstrate how your product can achieve its objectives. Show us how it works with clear simple instructions that anyone could follow. This will allow you to build trust in the potential buyer’s minds because they can see how easy it is to use.

Where/When: Demonstrate where and when your product can be purchased and at what price. Introduce an element of emotion by demonstrating the kind of feeling or experience that potential customers will get from using your product.

Then, include invitations for the press. Your invitations should be professionally made on high-quality paper.

Organize A Guest List

A guest list is a really important part of any kind of event.  The guest list should be as carefully thought out as the rest of the event itself.  There’s an old saying that “people don’t buy from people , they buy from companies,” if you have the wrong kind of people at your product launch, then it can actually do more damage to your status and brand image than good.  A well-organized guest list with just the right kinds of contacts will lend credence to your company in general, and help keep you on top all through the product launch event, even after everyone has gone home for the evening!

Take Care of Audiovisual

Here's How To Organize A Successful Product Launch Event

Especially for a product launch, audio and visual technology are of great importance. It will shape the mood according to what kind of message you want to send to your audience.

The audiovisual is the soul of the event. The audio must never fail, and the projection screens must display high-resolution images. This is why it’s best to hire a professional series to handle this aspect of your event. Consider hiring a company that provides a turnkey series. As the folks at explain, this means a company that can take care of your lights, audiovisual, stage, et all at one. This is much better than hiring different companies for all these things and having to keep track of them.

Plan Out Your Product Pitch

The product pitch is an important aspect of any product launch event. You can pitch the product directly to your customers, or you can hand it over to someone who is going to do it for you.

Nowadays, most consumers prefer online shopping rather than going out shopping because of the vast range of choices available at their fingertips – so definitely include a website address in your pitch if you’re pitching on stage during a product launch event organized by a partner company (if they had launched theirs first too then that’s even better).

It’s also very important to discuss product features and explain the reason for choosing such particular features. Your actual launch will be a good time to talk in-depth about the features of your product, but during a product pitch, it should be kept brief and only briefly cover about two or three key aspects of the product which is most convenient for your consumers.

Here's How To Organize A Successful Product Launch Event

The first step to a successful product launch is an informative press release. Then make the guest list as inclusive of potential customers as possible. Also, take care of audiovisuals so everyone can see what is happening on stage without having to strain their neck in search of speakers.

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