Here’s Why a VPN is a Must-Have in 2021


If you think the only reason people use VPNs is because they’re doing something illegal or have something to hide — think again. VPNs have slowly become a crucial part of security measures when you work on the internet, and we’ve put together the top reasons why you should seriously consider downloading a VPN provider on your computer. Here you can find the best VPN services.

However, there are a lot of VPN providers out there, and not all are free or reliable. In fact, many can endanger your computer and introduce malware or viruses through suspicious websites. That’s why it’s important to only download and use a VPN that you trust. We use

More Access on Netflix and OTT Streaming Platforms

One of the biggest reasons why people download a VPN these days is so that they can have a whole extension in the viewing catalogue. You’re paying for that subscription, and it can be frustrating when you find out that the show/movie you want to watch is on Netflix, but it’s just not available in your country or region.

Having a VPN can allow you to switch your location to another country and then you can watch whatever you want. It’s a convenient and easy way to bypass arbitrary laws and censorship.

Provides Necessary Cyber Security

We all love heading down to local cafes to get that productivity cap on. One of the drawbacks of these spaces? Public Wifi. Connecting your system to public Wifi can also mean that you’re putting your information at risk — since there are people who prey on your banking information and personal information to use for themselves.

There’s no need to be paranoid that someone is tracking all of your internet activity, but taking a simple precautionary measure like installing a VPN can ensure that you’re not susceptible to this kind of malicious activity.

Privacy From Internet Service Providers

Ever switched to Incognito (or Private Browsing if you use Safari) and read a little message warning your internet service provider can still see your internet activity? It’s not just a warning! Just because you hide your internet activity from the computer you’re using, doesn’t mean that the providers supplying the internet can’t see what you’re doing.

This is a concern that not everyone shares: some people are alright with their browsing history being visible to the internet service providers. However, if you have a lot of digital investments (such as cryptocurrency holdings) or often purchase substances that are illegal in certain areas — you will definitely benefit from safeguarding your privacy from authorities. It’s always better to be safe! You’re an adult, and you deserve to be the sole owner of your private browsing activities.

Data Privacy from Governments

It’s no secret that consumers are the product — the reason why social media is free is because our data is so valuable and precious to corporations! If you were disturbed by the Cambridge Analytica leak, you know how powerful data can be.

There’s a line that governments cross when they infringe on citizen data and this violates your right to privacy. If you’re concerned about your activities being tracked and monitored by the government and other authorities, a simple VPN download can put your mind (and your internet history) at ease.


Having a VPN downloaded on your computer and phone has become so essential in this day and age. With a trustworthy and powerful VPN, you won’t have to sacrifice internet speed for privacy and security. We hope you enjoy the extra content on streaming platforms, as well as the security of your personal information. Good luck!

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