How Cannabis can be helpful to the Brain

Main changes occurring in the brain with aging and we see it in humans we see in rats, is that there is a development that what you might call “inflammation.” It is just like when you get injured but here, it happens in the brain. It’s a fact that aging brings inflammation to the brain and somehow it affects the way our brain works.  Up until a few years ago, medical science wasn’t even aware that inflammation developed in the brain. Now we see that it’s in the background of a lot of diseases. A study carried by Gary Wenk, a professor of psychology and neuroscience, Ohio State University discovered that marijuana, at least a specific component of it, will be called a cannabinoid is the component of the plant that when in the brain can reduce this brain inflammation if consumed at very low levels. By explaining study he said that “this could be the first time when we have a compound that can work in the old brain. Everything works in a young brain, but this is working an old brain.” So this means that if you’re sixty, seventy and you’re having some problems with mental decline, we might have a mechanism that can target that. Bu understanding several benefits of cannabis many countries around the world are making this legal. It is available in the form of the edibles and it can be bought from online dispensary Canada where it is legalized.

So how much marijuana is effective in the scenario? You can use very low doses. Here, we are talking about the equivalent of one puff of a marijuana cigarette per day. Now this is likely to produce the euphoria of the high, and we think we might even be able to the lower doses, so this is just the beginning of what we think will uncover as we continue to investigate this line of research. These days, people can buy weed online and make a cigarette of it to smoke but the idea the study is that you might actually take this medication via a patch, you wouldn’t actually have to inhale any cancerous smoke. You wouldn’t have to prepare the cigarettes; we could get around all those behaviors that some people find unpleasant, especially in the elderly. The further studies would like to be able to find, what we call a “magic bullet” that would be able to reduce inflammation and its consequences on one’s mental function, without having to raise the specter of it being in drug abuse.

Some studies also suggest that drinking coffee may prove helpful in preventing Parkinson’s disease. Having good four or five cups a day minimum, for about two years, so the period of time where your bathing your brain regularly in this has chemical and other compounds in the coffee are neuroprotective. It prevents the death of neurons, whose death leads to Parkinson’s disease. So what is the best method to reduce aging? Simply take in fewer calories. But there isn’t a clear specification about which calories you should take out. You might have heard about various diets: don’t eat carbs or proteins or sugars. There are several people, on the other side who are using dianabol to increase their appetite so they can take in more calories. As far as we can tell is to just don’t eat so many calories. Try and get a balanced diet, mom’s advice was right on “eat a little bit of everything every day and don’t focus on one thing”. So, just don’t need so much. That has been the most effective, anti-aging therapy that anyone’s ever described in the animals or humans.

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