How Different Cities in Texas Handles Car Accidents

More than six million vehicle accidents take place every year in the United States, according to the department of transportation. Out of those numbers, Texas alone reports approximately 70,000 accident cases which result in almost 4,000 deaths and nearly 66,000 thousand injuries. The main factors that contribute to the alarming number of accidents in Texas include the icy roads and harsh weather conditions.

Apart from the weather conditions, there are other underlying causes of accidents in Dallas, San Antonio, McKinney, Austin, and other Texas cities. In line with, the other road accident causes include distracted driving such as texting, eating, or talking over the phone while driving. Reckless driving, overspending, and teen driving are other causes too for the high number of accidents in the state. 

Just like New York, Washington, and the other leading states in the United States, Texas has been at the forefront to fight road accidents. For instance, it has implemented proper road strategies and road laws that the drivers should follow. Also, all cities in Texas have prohibited teens and inexperienced drivers from driving to reduce the occurrence of mobile auto accidents. Most importantly, the state has outlined a clear process that every accident victim should follow when they are involved in an accident. Here is the process:

What to do when you are involved in an accident in Texas


  • Stop


The first step is to stop and get out of your vehicle. When you drive or over speed your car to get out of the accident scene, you might put yourself into more trouble from the authorities. Furthermore, the roadside CCTVs in the Texas cities might still capture you.


  • Protect the Accident Scene


If you can still walk or you have not sustained significant injuries, protect the scene to prevent more injuries from taking place. The best way to protect the areas is by switching on the lights and by placing the lifesavers.


  • Inform the Police


It is advisable to inform the nearby police within the city, even if the damage is minimal. With the help of the police, you will be able to file a report that you will use as you initiate your insurance compensation claim. The police will also help you to protect the accident scene and keep the crowds off.


  • Be Honest


The police will most probably need to know what happened by interrogating you. For obvious reasons, the police usually record all conversations that they make with drivers and the accident victims. The information you give can later be used against you, and you should, therefore, provide accurate information.


  • Take Pictures and Videos


Use your phone or a nearby camera to record all the proceedings that take place in the scene. Take pictures of the scene, of the injured persons, and the plate number of the other vehicles. Also, record all visible damages for future references. You should, however, not let your recording interfere with the ongoing investigations by the Texas police.


  • Report the Accident


Inform your insurance firm immediately when you have recorded everything. Some insurers respond promptly, while others have a lengthy response. Whatever the case, they will use the information you give them to open a file for you. Be sure to provide all the things they ask for.


  • Inform Your Attorney


As a driver, it is essential to have a personal lawyer who can help you whenever you get involved in an accident. Lawyers are experienced, and they can, therefore, help you get justice within a short period. A good lawyer can also help you collect the right evidence that you need to initiate an insurance claim.


  • Seek Medical Attention


All cities in Texas are well equipped with both private and public hospitals, and you should, therefore, not hesitate to visit the nearby hospital. The doctor will examine your body and then decide on whether you will be discharged or admitted. During your stay in the hospital, record the entire conversations you make, and keep a report of the medications, and the amount of money you pay. The insurance firm will use that information.


  • Keep a Personal File


You will be more organized if you open a file to store all the documents, and the records related to the accident. The information you keep should also have the receipts, the car numbers, and the conversations you make with the most notable authorities.

The implementation of stricter road and transportation roads in Texas cities are aimed at reducing the occurrence of road accidents. If you are involved in an accident while in any city in Texas, follow the above procedure, and seek the help of an experienced lawyer to help you protect your rights.

Written by Jordan

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