How Digital Technology has Changed the Way We Parent

Aside from kids, digital technology has also taken its toll on parents all over the world who allowed themselves be exposed to it. In the past two decades, there has been a continuous change in the technological world, and while some people say it has made life difficult for them, others perceive q different ideology. As the changes occurred in the world, it also occurred in the lives of people who use it, especially parents. One of the noticeable changes that technology has on parents is how they now raise their kids. In ancient days, kids preferred to interact with one another on the playground outside their homes, and would only go back home when it’s time for dinner. In present day, kids still interact with one another, but the difference is that they do it over a video game. When they have their headsets on, they are listening and playing with one another through the video game. In essence, no child loves to go outside and play when they could sit in the comfort of their bedrooms to do it. Also, in ancient history, kids sought the advice of their parents first whenever they need to learn something new. However, in the present day, kids learn whatever they want to on Google.

They also learn what they want to from their peers, and that only shows how much technology has changed the way we parent. Parents nowadays only speak to their kids using their smartphones. When they want to send the kids on an errand, or ask them something, they send a phone message to them. These ways of bringing up a child may not be perceived as wrong, but it has its effect on children as time goes by. Here are some of the ways that raising children with technology can do more harm than good. 

Children Become Addicted

The use of video games and internet in the home is not a bad idea, hut as a parent you must make sure that your kids do not get addicted. Addiction sets in when kids would rather play video games than do their homework. It also begins to show up when parents have no control over the time their kids use these devices. Internet addiction can be very dangerous because the kids will soon picture school as having no meaning. For this not to happen, parents need to set boundaries and control over the use of technologies in their homes. 

Children Learn Unpredictable Things

When a child is given a computer to work on, he or she would have heard about different things from school, and decide to do a little research. There have been cases where young girls and boys surf the web for porn sites and videos to watch. It may become difficult for such a child to unlearn these things so it is better to set technological boundaries in the home. Parents cannot control the way their kids learn things, but they can control the way they try to explore it. 

Children Become Spoiled

When you give kids too much privilege, they soon take it for granted. Some parents do not allow video games in their homes; not because they cannot afford it, but because they cannot afford spoiled kids. To learn more about how technology has changed parenting skills, click here.

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