How the Claims Process Works in a Semi-Truck Accident

When you are involved in an accident with a semi-truck, there are certain steps that you should take to recover compensation from the damages. Truck accidents are different from small vehicle crashes since their large size can cause catastrophic damages and injuries. If the accident was a result of the truck driver’s negligence, you may have a legal right to recover compensation. You must follow specific steps to file your claim. Read on to learn how the claims process works in a semi-truck accident. 

Report the Accident

You must report the accident to the police as soon as possible as required by the law. The traffic officer will attend the crash site and gather key details about the accident. After conducting their investigations, the law enforcement agents will compile a police report that you should use in your compensation claim. Without this document, your case may be doomed.   

Seek Medical Treatment

It is crucial to seek medical treatment soon after the accident, even if you don’t exhibit any obvious injuries. Your doctor will evaluate your injuries and also recommend treatment. The physician will also write a medical report that you can attach to your compensation claim. It is essential to follow the doctor’s instructions if you want to win your case. 

Hire a Truck Accident Attorney

Truck accidents can involve multiple parties which makes them complicated. Therefore, it is a good idea to hire an experienced truck accident attorney to represent you in your claim. Specialized truck accident attorneys at explain that a lawyer plays a pivotal role in helping you recover financial compensation for the injuries suffered in the accident. The lawyers also have experience in handling similar cases, and they have good negotiating skills that can help you get the right settlement you deserve. 

Notify Your Insurance Company

You must report the truck accident to your insurance company so that they can dispatch an adjuster to evaluate the level of damages caused by the crash. However, you should not sign documents that you do not understand. You must not answer questions from the representatives from the other insurance company. 

Collect and Investigate Evidence

It is vital to collect evidence that you can use to support your compensation claim. You can take images or a video of the damaged vehicles, your injuries, and other features that can add value to your case. You should take note of elements like skid marks, road signs, and the landscape around the accident scene. If there are witnesses around, try to get some information from them. You must exchange contact details with the truck driver as well.     

Deliver the Injury Demand Letter

When you have collected sufficient evidence that can help you proceed with your claim, the next step is to deliver the injury demand letter to the insurance company or the trucking business responsible for causing the accident and your injuries. In this letter of demand, you state how the accident has impacted you physically and financially. You should also include the damages to property, though your insurance company is likely to chip in. Your letter should outline specific demands that should be fulfilled to resolve the issue.

Negotiate a Fair Settlement

When the truck company receives your letter of demand, they can evaluate the evidence presented and determine the compensation to offer. The trucker’s insurance company can accept your demands and offer settlement out of court. However, the insurance company can present a counter-offer that can lead to negotiations for fair compensation. This is when your attorney comes in handy to handle the negotiations on your behalf. 

Go to Trial 

When the negotiations fail, you can proceed to trial to recover fair damages from the trucker’s insurance company. If you believe that your demands are justified, you have every reason to file a lawsuit. With the help of your truck accident lawyer, you should file a legal complaint at the appropriate court and spell out all the facts to support your claim. A judge will make a final decision that determines the compensation that you can get for your claim.

If you are involved in an accident with a semi-truck, you are entitled to get compensation for damages from the trucking company. However, truck accident claims are complicated since they often involve multiple parties. Therefore, there are certain steps that you should follow in the claims process to get the right compensation you deserve. You must report the accident and get medication and collect all the evidence that you can use to support your case. It is a wise decision to hire an experienced truck accident attorney to handle your case given the complexity of semi-truck accident claims.

Written by George K.

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