How To Become A Decorator

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Whether it’s a family friend or colleague, someone is always looking for a good painter or decorator. There is always a demand for decorators in the UK – especially with the recent surge in home renovations. After almost two years of the pandemic, many people are desperate to redo their homes. We want a fresh start with a new interior style.

You could start a business as a painter and decorator in your local area – here are a few things to bear in mind.

What do typical decorators do?

You need to master many skills to become a decorator. You need to measure spaces accurately, strip old surfaces, mix and apply paint and learn about different materials. Your clients will often ask for your expertise when choosing paint colours and wallpaper. You need to learn about the different types of wall decoration and how to apply it seamlessly.

You need the right equipment

You will need to invest in your initial collection of equipment to get started. You will need paintbrushes of different sizes, dust sheets, spirit levels, step ladders and cleaning materials. Find a smart uniform to wear as well – such as overalls without any holes or major stains on them. You need work boots and a hard hat if you’re doing some construction or joinery as well. Your clothing should be safe, comfortable and presentable. But of course, decorating is messy work, and no one expects you to be pain-free.

Do you have the right skills?

Decorators need to have an artistic flair and a steady hand. You need to learn how to mix paint and combine colours. You need to paint straight lines around the ceiling and edges of the wall. You can’t leave a client with partially painted skirting boards and splattered furniture. Professional decorators must use a steady hand to apply paint accurately and precisely.  You could take a course to develop your skills and learn from the best painters. You are far more likely to build a strong customer base if your skills are up to scratch.

Building your own business

Starting your own business is both terrifying and exciting, no matter your trade. You need to learn how to manage your money, budget for taxes and save an emergency fund. You could look into alternative sources of funding, like a business loan, to get yourself started. Decorating equipment and online courses can be expensive. You can slowly pay off your debts once the business is up and running.

You may want to hire employees in the future. You will need to manage the payroll and learn how to teach new hires. Remember, it’s your business, and you are responsible for those working for you.

Become a decorator and embrace your creative side.

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