CBD Vaping and The Vaccine: Everything you Should Know

CBD Vaping and The Vaccine: Everything you Should Know

A large number of e-cigarette smokers and a large number of vaccinated.

Over the last ten years, the vape industry has become quite widespread. In Europe alone, recent studies have found that the number of vape users is about 40 million, and it is constantly growing. This number exceeds the total population of most of the countries in Central and Eastern Europe. So it should be understood that vaping is present in almost every family today.

Since 2019, the world has been shaken by the Covid 19 pandemic, which has caused and continues to harm the health of millions of people, regardless of their education, marital status, or position in society. Vaccination has become the only way out of this vicious circle for the community. In fact, like any other medical intervention in the human body, vaccination can have side effects, which is a normal process. To reduce the number of side effects, manufacturers of vaccines and other pharmaceuticals indicate contraindications to using. Obviously, the list is not complete but rather indicates the incompatibility of certain substances with the vaccine or the inability to accept the vaccine due to the health status of patients.

The topic of vaccination is veiled with myths.

As of today, about 46% of the world’s population has been vaccinated against coronavirus. Despite the mass vaccination of the population, many myths and scientific facts are mixed around this process. One of the messages circulating in the information space indicates that e-cigarettes with cbd vape cartridge or cbd oil cartridge are not recommended to be combined with vaccination.

Cbd vaping and vaccines

Before talking about the effects of using vapes with cbd prefilled cartridges on the health of people vaccinated against the coronavirus, it should be said what the vape pens with cbd cartridges or oil cartridges are. Cbd (cannabidiol) is a substance that can constitute up to 40% of cannabis extract. Its propagandists announce the healing properties of depression, anxiety, pain and emphasize that its use is not addictive. However, doctors are still debating the benefits of this substance (despite being less harmful than tetrahydrocannabinol, which is a major component of cannabis).

The method of delivery of CBD to the human body through the lungs is the fastest and is also considered to ensure maximum efficiency of the substance. Accordingly, there is no doubt that the e-cigarette is the optimal means of delivering CBD to the human body. The fact that CBD manufacturers often present it as a drug already suggests that this type of product may not be comparable to other drugs. Also, users of CBD-based vapes, given the medical benefits of this substance, should be especially careful and attentive to cartridges that they buy because illegal and non-certified CBD-based cartridges can have a detrimental effect on health.

A striking example is the mixture of nicotine and CBD in an e-cigarette, which has negative consequences for health and especially for the cardiovascular system, which, incidentally, suffers severely during the coronavirus. Accordingly, the consumer should be as careful as possible to ensure that their vape cartridge does not contain substances that can be harmful to health by themselves or mixed with CBD. The problem today is that this substance retains the classification of a supplement, not a drug, which involves improper regulation by the relevant health authorities.

To date, doctors have not determined a safe dose for cannabidiol to be used as a medicine. So even if you determined the amount and dose of this substance for your vaping device with your doctor, such an effort would be questionable. In addition, it should be noted that none of the positive effects of CBD was achieved by evaporation of this substance.

These days, there are no qualitative studies of the effects of cbd vape oil and its evaporation on human health. However, scientists have first focused their efforts on drug research into this substance. If they agree in their study on the fact that cbd can be used as a medicine, only then the question of vaping can be raised. According to one theory, the evaporation of this substance and direct contact with the lungs can accelerate the treatment of asthmatics and provide for vapes based on this substance, the future of the medical device.

CBD vaping is still a kind of smoking, and therefore the consumer should not be manipulated by marketing managers who talk about the incredible healing properties of CBD, referring to studies conducted by other types of delivery of the above substances to the human body. For example, the National Institutes of Health study states that CBD facilitates the early course of coronary heart disease in the early stages. Still, there is nothing said about CBD vaping.

It is important to note that there are no studies to prove the incompatibility of CBD vaping with the coronavirus vaccine today. However, this does not mean that there are no contraindications due to the lack of research on the negative effects of CBD vaping on the human body; instead, we can say that there is an informative asymmetry between consumers and sellers who distribute this product. In fact, this asymmetry does not mean that the lack of evidence of incompatibility of CBD vaping with the vaccine means that vaccinated consumers of this product have nothing to worry about due to their health. This means that these consumers and other vaccinated people who intend to use an e-cigarette based on CBD should abandon this idea until the substance passes the relevant scientific experiments.

Otherwise, these people will become part of an uncontrolled experiment with unknown consequences that science has not yet encountered. Today, it is possible to predict the negative consequences of such a combination and the use of CBD vaping in general, given the experiments conducted on animals and proved the harmfulness of this substance.


Returning to the topic of the covid 19 virus, it should be noted that despite the lack of contraindications to CBD vaping and vaccination, doctors unanimously say the harm of any type of smoking, which in severe disease increases the mortality rate. So, despite the lack of direct evidence of incompatibility with the vaccine, CBD vaping should be stopped today because it is still poorly understood by the scientific community and may lead to consequences that doctors will not be able to overcome in the future.

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