How to buy pre owned watches

There is a huge market for pre-owned watches especially when it comes to luxury watches. Ideally, it’s wise to buy a pre-owned watch because you are likely to save some money. There are plenty of websites and stores that sell these kinds of watches. However, you don’t just walk into one store and buy a second hand watch. There are very many things that you have to put into consideration before making a purchase. Here are a few vital things to focus on;

Do backgrounds check on the seller

There are plenty of loopholes when it comes to second-hand luxury watches. Therefore, you have to be extremely careful about where and from whom you are buying. Conduct research on the seller to be sure they run a genuine business. The best way is usually checking for verified feedback and reviews from prior customers. You can also look for reviews about the company from third party review websites.

Service history

It is important that you know how long the wrist watch has been in service. You should also request its invoice. Getting a watch serviced these days is quite costly hence many sellers will provide an invoice. If there is no invoice you can agree with the seller to deduct the servicing amount from the actual price. In addition, make sure you get an authorized dealer or watch maker who is able to service that particular watch you intend to buy.

The retailer should have a transparent return policy

A seller must have a transparent return policy. If the watch you bought does not meet your expectations, then you should be allowed to return it within 30 days after purchase. At times, you see a gorgeous watch online but when it’s sent to you it doesn’t look exactly the same. A good seller ought to understand and offer an exchange or refund.

Be aware of fakes

The pre owned watches market is full of pitfalls and fakes. You have to be extremely careful and keen on details. The seller has to guarantee that the particular watch you are buying is not a replica. Furthermore, the watch should be backed by a refund of the entire amount paid for it.  There are many brands of watches that have some of their parts replaced with fakes. Therefore, it’s not just the casing that you should look at but also the movement parts. You can have an experienced watchmaker or expert determine the authenticity of the watch.

Box and papers

Watches that are over 40 years old may not have their boxes and papers. However, in the recent times importance is given to packaging and everything that is in it. Many watches will come in a wooden box or leather box consisting of manuals and warranty papers. Look for a watch that comes with all these because they hold their value. However, if you are purchasing the watch from a dependable dealer and there is a certificate of authenticity, then you don’t need the extra accessories.

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