How To Choose The Best Matcha Tea For Your Detox Program

In order to detox effectively, you need to choose the right type of matcha tea to flush out the toxins in your body.

And if you didn’t know that there was more than one type or grade of matcha green tea, then it can come as quite a shock to discover there is!

Green Tea Versus Matcha Tea For Detox

Let’s get back to the basics. Because there are some people who don’t realize there is a difference between green and matcha tea.

We have all heard about the green tea detox. And there is no denying that green tea is good for you and remains an excellent choice for your detox.

However, if you really want to supercharge your detox, then you should always opt for matcha.

This is because although they share most of the same advantages, matcha scores more highly on just about every benefit.

  • Matcha has ten times the nutritional benefits of green tea.
  • Matcha tea has 137 times more antioxidants than regular green tea has.
  • Matcha has 1300 ORAC units per gram. This is the unit that measures antioxidants. Compare this to other superfoods such as pomegranates, which come in at 105 units and you will start to see what everyone is raving about.
  • Matcha has 130 times more calcium than ordinary green tea.
  • Matcha releases energy in a more sustained way than green tea, because of its superior properties. This will help kick start your detox because you will not need to keep topping up your caffeine levels.

Why Choose Matcha Tea For A Detox

Matcha tea is very rich in catechins, and especially the one known as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).

It is within the polyphenol, one of the antioxidants in both matcha and green teas, which will boost your detox.

The EGCG helps to speed up the metabolic rates, particularly when coupled with a sensible exercise program.

Why Matcha Tea Is Better

Matcha tea is an extreme form of green tea. Whereas in standard green tea, the leaves are discarded at the end of the brewing process, with Pique Tea matcha, they are consumed whole.

This means that every drop of goodness is wrung out of the tea leaves and nothing is wasted!

Matcha’s Superior Qualities

Whereas green tea contains all these properties, you are not getting as much of them. Here are ’three Cs’ health benefit that matcha can offer the detox;


Catechol is the principal polyphenol present in both green and matcha tea. This is the antioxidant which helps speed up the burning of fat and the suppression of appetite.

The catechol qualities are much higher in matcha tea than green tea.


Catechins are the antioxidant that can help get rid of toxins, particularly one problematic one known as endotoxin. This can cause diarrhea and fever.

Once again, catechins are far more plentiful in the matcha tea blends than standard green tea.


Chlorophyll is what makes matcha tea so green.

The reason why matcha tea is a more intense shade than regular green tea is because the leaves are grown under cover, to make them greener.

This also delivers health benefits, as well as making it look pretty.

How To Choose The Right Matcha Tea For Your Detox

The best matcha teas to choose to kick start your detox are;

JAPANESE MATCHA: Always choose matcha from Japan. This is the best quality matcha there is. China also produces matcha tea, and whilst some Chinese matcha tea is high quality, it is not always. Read more on the origin of matcha at .

Additionally, Chinese matcha undergoes different production methods and the difference in soil means it is not the same drink as Japanese matcha.

THE GREENEST MATCHA: Look for the greenest, freshest color matcha, for the highest quality.

STONE GROUND MATCHA: Look for matcha which has been ground on a stone grist and not done by machines. It will be superior for drinking.

DRINKING OR CEREMONIAL GRADE MATCHA: Be aware of the difference in grades of matcha tea. Cooking grade matcha is fine for making buns and cakes with, you want ceremonial or drinking quality for brewing tea with.

Follow these tips and you will detox naturally with matcha green tea!

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