Top 3 vape pens in the market

Vaping is the more amazing, awesome and healthier form of smoking but the biggest advantage is the convenience one has with it. If one is using an old oil vape battery or vape pen which is not simple to simple up to use every time the time to come to look at some of the awesome silo vape available in market right now.

1) Jupiter dab pen

The Jupiter dab pen is not only modest and simple but also highly dependable of trusted vaping company, Jupiter. The biggest advantage of the Jupiter dab pen is that it is not any button activated pen which prevents the accidental button vape activation if it in pocket of anyone. The way how it works is that the person when starts to inhale then only the vape are activated otherwise not. One can even put the cartridge of their choice. This pen not only is compatible with almost all of the 510 thread cartridges but also comes with a charges which can be charges using only USB. In the days of USB it is such a blessing because one can even charge it in car. This pen surely will fulfill all the basic requirements of a simple vape session. Some of the features are:-


  • 340mAh Li-ion battery that is rechargeable by USB
  • Inhale only vape activation system
  • Designed for almost all oil cartridges

2) Ccell Palm Vape Pen

CCELL is the most up and coming technology in the vape pen business. It has pioneered a totally new way or replacing the old and conventional wick- based coil that used to produce uneven heat distribution which resulted in an ineffective heating process and a burning taste when one use to vape. The company fixes all of these issues by instead developing a totally new ceramic heating technology which replaces the old traditional wick with a ceramic which in turn is capable of absorbing and vaporizing the extracted oil in a more efficient and effective manner resulting in a great taste and excellent pull. The new Ccell palm vape pen is not only one of its kinds but it has the largest battery capacity which is capable of generating even more than 250 puffs in one single charge. As the name suggest palm, the palm vape pen is encased in an aluminum alloy container providing very amazing grip that fits in one’s palm so perfectly.


  • 42mm x 55mm x 12.8mm in size
  • Internal magnets to lock cartridge in place
  • Available in four colors: black, gray, blue and pink.

3) Ccell Silo

The Ccell Silo vape pen is the most discreet and is ergonomically designed to fit in the palm of the individual. To use one should simply screw the magnetic base and lower the cartridge until it connects to the bottom of the battery. This small vape is very powerful and also comes in various colors to suit one’s taste.


  • 73 x 29 x 13mm in size.
  • No buttons, inhalation leads to activation.
  • Comes with Micro USB cable
  • Provided with battery power indicator

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