How to Create a Contemporary Home Office

Contemporary Home Office

The way we work has changed significantly in recent years, and although the world is slowly opening up and things are returning to normal, you might need to create a home office. A dedicated home workspace can boost your productivity and reduce work from home fatigue. 

Here are some essential tips to help you create an efficient, contemporary workspace for your home. 

Analyze The Space 

Before creating your dedicated space, analyze the available square footage. if you have lots of room to work with, excellent! You have more floor space and more flexibility to create the perfect home office for your specific needs. However, if you have a small space, you need to get creative and find effective ways to maximize your space.

Your Setup 

Decide on your set up, will you need two monitors? A printer, space for tablets and other devices? Understand what you might need before you start purchasing items and buying your items for your office. Your tech setup will determine the size of your desk, and it will help you decide how to arrange your room. 

If you can, create a rough drawing of your space and place items where you think they would look best. If you prefer not to draw, there are various software applications that you can use to design your space to your liking. If you have the budget, enlist the help of a professional interior designer to help you create the home office space of your dreams. They can work with your budget and help to maximize the space that you have available. 

Colour and Texture

Colour and texture matter; for a clean, minimal contemporary look, choose neutral colours. Then, add pops of colour to accentuate the clean, neutral tones. For example, if you go with a light shade of grey, add pops of turquoise or yellow to compliment the grey tones. 

Inject texture into your space by adding throw cushions, throw blankets and textured wallpaper to add dimension and depth to the room.

Functional Items 

Your home office space should include functional items that serve a purpose such as paper trays, organizers, desk tidies and drawers. Your functional items should complement the theme of the room. For example, if you have white walls, add dark grey, black or mahogany furniture to compliment the clean white walls. White furniture would work well with darker walls providing you with a fresh and contemporary style. 

Create a Real Office Vibe 

Create a real office vibe by adding a few items such as a coffee machine and a  water dispenser. The smell of fresh coffee in the morning is enough to boost your energy and get you in the mood to complete essential tasks. 

A high-end commercial coffee machine such as Profitec espresso machines will not only produce great coffee, but they look modern and chic too. Coffee machines are functional and decorative, and a good quality machine will add that real office vibe to your home workspace. 


Add accessories to liven up your space. Think green plants, lamps, cushions, throws and artwork on the walls. Modern workspaces usually look clean and minimal, but you can also add some vintage styling by purchasing old thrift store items to create a fusion of modern and traditional. 

Floor Rugs 

If you have a hardwood floor or tiled flooring, floor rugs will add some texture and colour to your floor. Choose simple, bold floor rugs; geometric shapes are suitable, stripes or a simple plain rug would work well in a contemporary home office space. 


Lighting is vital, especially if you wake up when it’s dark to start work, or you work late at night. Some suitable lamps and good overhead lighting are crucial. Spotlights are a good option for modern offices. Simple standing lamps are also great for contemporary spaces. 


Choose good seating that will support your back and a desk that fits your height and style. When choosing ergonomic items for your home office, it’s best to go to the store and try them out. Buying these things online is not a good idea because you want to make sure they meet your specific requirements. 

Window Coverings 

Do you have large windows that allow a lot of natural light into your room? If so, would you like to add window coverings or leave them open to allow natural light in? Contemporary blinds might work well, or airy drapes that allow natural light to flood in. Long white sheer drapes usually work well with modern spaces. Choose the best type of window covering that fits with your style and taste.  

Creating a modern home office space doesn’t have to be complicated. Add your flair to the room and include accessories and functional items. Pay attention to the lighting, colour and textures, as they will provide the ambience and vibe that you need to work efficiently and effectively from your home office. 

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