How to Create Amazing Japandi Decor in your Home?

How to Create Amazing Japandi Decor in your Home

Decorating a new home is a great way one to express himself and show off his personal style. One of the most popular ways to decorate homes these days is with Japandi, an eclectic mix of Scandinavian and Japanese traditional style. In need of inspiration, or just desire to learn how to create amazing Japandi decor in your home, then this blog post will be perfect!

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Japanese inspired prints or paintings will add up to an authentic vibe 

Hanging up some Japanese-inspired prints on the walls is a great way to introduce the culture into any home. By hanging them in an asymmetrical pattern or as a gallery wall, will make it feel less like posters and more like art pieces. This is a good way to start decorating with Japandi style. They can be easily found at pretty much any department store or home goods shop, but if more options are needed, online is always a good idea. 

Japandi decoration also looks amazing when it’s applied through the use of color in other aspects throughout the home as well. To really make this work, though, there are certain colors that need to be used consistently throughout all areas where they appear. For example, paintings might have earthy tones, like browns and greys, contrasted against bright pops of green hues, seen on plants or chairs around the room.

Japandi style lighting around the house will definitely set the mood

Another thing that can be done with blank spaces on any of the walls is to put up different types of Japandi lighting. This includes both string lights and table lamps that have been decorated by stylists specializing in traditional Asian decorating styles. These kinds of decorations are one of those things that’s easy enough for anyone to DIY at home if they know how! If not, there are companies out there who offer services where they come install these kinds of lights and decorations for anyone who can’t or doesn’t want to do it on their own. 

Pillows are important accents

Now, after coverIng hanging up prints on the walls, let’s talk about another one of the favorite Japandi decor ideas of many: pillows. While this may seem like something easy enough to DIY at home, there are so many things that can go wrong here! The first thing is deciding whether or not a traditional Japanese-themed design is what’s needed, modern-day Asian-inspired pieces, or maybe even some kind of other themes entirely. If you’re going for a more traditional Japanese style then consider finding an obi pillow. These are usually pretty simple in design, but can really add to the overall look of the Japandi decor. 

A traditional Japanese obi pillow is a really great option if the traditional vibe in Japandi décor is what’s wanted! For a more modern style, though, zafu pillows are more suitable. These are more like floor cushions and work well as side tables when they aren’t being used as pillows. Another option is getting some kind of Asian-inspired throw pillow. This would be good for those who live in warmer climates or don’t want too much bulk added to their living space. The throw pillow can also be used as a way to add some color and interest into the décor, without going overboard. This is also one of those things that can be easily DIYed at home, which makes it cheaper and definitely worth trying. 

Wall textures are so Japandi and will make any space seem more unique and interesting

Japandi is all about texture, so adding a wall treatment to the room will give it an immediate Japandi look. There are many different types of textures for this and it’s really up to personal preference, as long as there is some sort of interesting visual element that draws the eye in. 

Adding wall texture to a room can have many benefits. It can help add more depth and dimension to the space, making it appear larger than what it actually is. It could also be used to hide any imperfections that are on the walls, so long as the right kind of paper is used. There’s no reason why anyone should live in a home without putting up interesting wallpaper! 

All in all, it is very easy to create amazing Japanese décor and this blog post is definitely a short but good manual for it. Well, creativity can’t be everyone’s strong side, but there are plenty of stores that offer more or less the same things for cheaper prices, so anyone can get easily inspired and transform their home, even on a low budget. Home is the most important place in people’s lives, so it should be beautiful and fun!

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