The Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Hygiene Routine

The Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Hygiene Routine

Following a healthy hygiene routine is a must nowadays given the pandemic situation. Apart from it, one must always follow a good hygiene routine. We can also prevent illnesses by following a good personal hygiene routine. Our body needs cleanliness to maintain its health. There are some basic hygiene routines which everyone must follow but you should follow them according to your body’s requirements. Some people tend to sweat a lot while some have greasy and oily hair so you must follow a routine that sounds the best for your body. There are some guidelines that you can keep in mind while following your hygiene regimen. 

Body care

In summers, everybody sweats a lot given the high temperatures. Our body becomes a host to germs and bacteria resulting in itching and irritation on the damp areas of the body. It is highly recommended that you take showers daily to wash away all the bacteria and germs from your body. Some good menthol-based body showers can be used to keep your body fresh all day long.  Taking a bath once a day daily can reduce itchiness and irritation on your skin and keep its necessary moisture making it fresh all day long.

  • Wear clean clothes

Try to wear loose cotton clothes as much as possible because cotton fabric absorbs sweat in summers.

  • Exfoliating your body

Exfoliate your body with Epsom salt or any other good exfoliating product to remove dirt from the skin.

  • Change your bedsheets and pillow covers daily

Change your sheets every day because your bed might be home to many invisible bacteria which can cause acne and bacne.


Haircare is as important as body care. Summers make the hair greasy and super oily. Frizziness in hair does not look good on your personality. Washing your hair thrice a week will do the job for you as over rinsing can lose the texture of your hair. Apply a good hair tonic after shower for super glossy hair. If your hair still looks unhealthy and there are many hair fall, you can check out some hair supplements from and get them delivered at your doorsteps.

Hands and feet care

Keeping our hands and feet clean can have a lasting impact on the longevity of our lives. Even before eating, one must always wash hands. In summers, we need clean hands and feet to avoid in-grown bacteria. These bacteria can breed on our skin if not washed away properly. After washing hands and feet, you must dry them up as bacteria mostly hit the damp areas of your body.

  • Nail care

Nail care is also an essential part of a healthy hygiene routine. Cut your nails and keep them clean by removing all the dirt from under your nails. If you do not wash your hands after touching animals or before eating, you can become sick pretty easily, so it is better that you take proper care of the nails on your hands and feet.

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