How to Look Amazing in a Bikini

A beach vacation gives you a chance to relax, have fun, and show off your figure. One of the reasons many people love the beach is because they can be carefree and wear vibrant, colorful swimsuits such as a green bikini, and wear their attractive accessories. There is nothing sexier than wearing a bikini that accentuates and emphasizes your physique in all the right places.

But, if you lack the confidence and feel intimidated in wearing a bikini, how do you muster the courage to wear one on your next beach trip? Here are some tips on making yourself look great in a bikini. 

Prepare Your Body

Avoid consuming foods that cause bloating. Lessen the amount of salt you consume, such as in processed foods and frozen meals. Avoid eating broccoli, beans, onions, and other gas-producing foods that may cause bloating. Instead, eat tomatoes, celery, spinach, and fresh fruits, as they aid in losing water weight. 

It also helps if you include physical activities in your everyday routine, for example, jogging, yoga, and some cardio workouts to get rid of those extra pounds. Identify the problem areas of your body and start working on them. For example, if you want a smaller stomach, do some crunches, squats, planks, and core exercises. 

Preparing your body for the beach also includes removing unnecessary body hair. If you are planning to wear a sexy swimsuit like a green bikini, it is best that your skin is smooth and free of hair on your armpits, legs, and the bikini area. 

Bring the best-looking swimsuit for you

For your bikini top, there are a variety of fits and styles out there. Choose the ones that will complement your curves. If you have small busts, pick an underwire, padding, bandeau, or ruffle tops. If you have bigger breasts, opt for a top that can provide extra support and wide shoulder straps. Wearing halter tops will flatter your cleavage. Avoid wearing tri-tops and bandeau tops as well. 

If you have wider shoulders and seem to have difficulty choosing the right bikini top for you, try to play up your bottom to balance out the way you look on a bikini, keeping your top part more subtle. Get bright colours for your bikini bottom, and the shoulder straps should be wider. 

When it comes to finding the best bikini bottoms, you have various styles and cuts to choose from. Pick a bikini bottom that will enhance the look of your body type. If your legs and torso are shorter, opt for a bottom cut that makes your body appear longer. For example, you may wear something that is cut high on the thigh, as this can help elongate your form. Also, wearing vertical stripes can make your legs look longer. Try to experiment with the looks of your swimsuits to get the right results.  

Regardless of your body type, there is a bikini style that would look great on you, something that you will be confident flaunting your curves. Most likely, you will look hot on a few types of cuts and styles. When it comes to choosing the best colour, many shades are perfect for the beach, but a green bikini is trending right now.  It is a sexy colour and makes you stand out from the other beachgoers.

Written by Jordan

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