What You Need to Know When You Rent a Car in Another Country

What You Need to Know When You Rent a Car in Another Country


Going on holiday is something most of us save all year for, just so we can spend a few weeks away in a different country, relaxing, letting go, and recharging our batteries. There’s so much to think about and prepare when heading abroad that we don’t often think about what’s going to happen when we arrive. How are we getting to the villa? Can we use public transport? How do we get to the beach? 

Hiring a car solves all of these problems. However, it might not be as simple as you think, so let’s take a look at a few things you’ll need to know before hiring a car in another country. 

The Road Laws

If you’re a good driver in your own country then it’s safe to say you’re going to be a good driver anywhere. But there are some hiccups that could throw you off. Before going to another country it’s best to look up the road laws to see how they differ from your own. Do you drive on the left or the right of the road? Don’t get caught up in a head-on collision because you didn’t realize it’s the opposite of your own country. In France, for example, you have to carry a breathalyzer in the car at all times and if you’re caught by the police without one there is a hefty fine to pay. Learn the rules of the road before heading to another country, it’s the most basic of knowledge needed to get through. 


If you’re hiring a car using a firm then it’s likely that insurance will be provided in the contract. These firms usually offer a few different options to ensure the car you’re hiring. They are all at different price points with different levels of cover, so choose wisely. If you’re thinking of renting a car and finding your own insurance then the professionals over at suggest looking over a number of different brokers. There are plenty that will have one or two-week policies available instead of insuring the car for an entire year. Without insurance, you’ll be committing a crime in another country and will most probably be left with a large fine. Don’t risk it. 

International Driving Permit 

Traveling to an English speaking country tends to be easier to hire a car. All your information is in the same language and it’s easy to read. When in non-English speaking countries things could be a little tougher. In these instances, you’ll have to obtain an international driving permit (IDP). 

This piece of paper translates all your information into 10 different languages and is recognized in over 100 different countries. You need to be 18 to gain an IDP and it’s likely you’ll be asked for one alongside your normal license. 

Think About Fuel Cost

The price of fuel varies all over the planet so it’s best to have a rough idea of how much you might spend on your road trip. Fuel is dramatically cheaper in the United States than it is in the United Kingdom, and the price changes on a daily basis. Get an idea of how much you’re going to need in fuel costs over the duration of your trip and how much the price will be in the area you’re in. This means you can budget for your entire trip and not come up against any unexpected costs. 

Booking Is Better

There are services available that allow you to turn up in a new country and hire a car on the spot. These tend to be a little more expensive and you’re never guaranteed a car that’s going to be to your liking. If you book in advance you’ll be assured that you’ll get the exact car you want at its best-given price. Not only this, but you’ll be able to avoid any complications as they will be sorted out prior to when you pick the car up. The process will also be much easier. 

You never want to feel stressed when you’re on holiday. Preparation can be a little testing but the aim of the game is to arrive, get out the airport, into the car, and straight to your accommodation, ready for sangrias and holiday food. Stress isn’t something that’s synonymous with holidays so doing to research to ensure everything runs smoothly is essential. Booking a car in advance will be the best way to rent in another country. Get all the paperwork done first so you can turn up and drive away without a hitch.  

Written by Jordan

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