Top East Coast Destinations for Your 2020 Vacation

Anyone who has set foot on the East Coast of the USA  always finds a reason to go back. The vacation destination is filled with beach vacations, historical sites, festivals, sea life parks, water sports, attraction sites, lighthouses, and beaches that you won’t find anywhere around the world.

The east coast is a family-friendly vacation destination that you should consider every time you wish to spend quality time with loved ones.

With this in mind, here are the top east coast destinations that you should prioritize any time you are on vacation.

1. Destin, Florida

The vacation spot is home to stunning sandy beaches, and some people consider it the World’s Luckiest Fishing Village. To learn more about Destin, you can visit this site and learn about vacation rentals such as beach homes and condos found at the vacation destination. At the beach, you will be served at mouthwatering seafood restaurants, and you will have access to golf courses and fishing expeditions.

2. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

The beach is located on the Grand Stand in South Carolina, and it is an ideal place for family vacations.  The beach offers something for everyone, and you will be amused by water excursions such as the pirate Cruise, amusement parks, and the beautiful beachfront. You will have live performances, especially during the summer, firework displays, and a ton of recreational activities such as paddle boarding, sailing, and diving.

3. White Mountains, New Hampshire

If you love nature, then the white mountains are a must-visit when you visit the east coast. The destination comes with amenities such as tubing along Saco River, moose safaris and horseback rides. Besides, if you aim to have a peek at the beautiful scenery, there are plenty of mountain climbing excursions that will keep you busy.

4. Miami, Florida

The city is filled with nightlife, doco architecture, and fantastic restaurants that you should consider for vacations. While you are in Miami, you can visit the Everglades National park, or spend time at Little Havana, preparing Cuban meals. Besides, most night clubs have salsa dancers; therefore, every moment in the city will bring beautiful memories.

5. Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

The beach resort is popular in Delaware and is a vacation destination that you should check out. You will have access to sophisticated dishes and a 30 mile stretch of the coast. Besides, there are plenty of arcade games for kids and adults, and there are several free concerts that you can get to enjoy with your family.

6. Roanoke, Virginia

Roanoke is a historical city located next to the Blue Ridge Mountain, and it’s a vacation spot where you can have hiking during the summer. If you are an enthusiast of nature walks, then you will enjoy the view. Most tourists prefer visiting the site during fall since the red leaves create a magical appeal.

7. Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Portsmouth is an old city on the eastern coast that hosts fantastic waterfront views and historical sites. While you are in the city, you will visit plenty of museums such as the USS Albacore museum that sits in a submarine. Tourists also walk the Harbor trail that hosts artisan boutiques, sidewalk shops, and countless restaurants.

8. Southampton, New York

Southampton is located a few miles away from East Hampton, and it’s close to New York City. The destination site has several miles of shoreline, and you will have access to the Coopers beach. The beach is highly valued in New York, and you will get a glimpse of the extravagant mansions along Meadow Lane.

9. Provincetown, Cape Cod

The family destination is known for numerous swimming opportunities, an endless beach stretch, and an ideal spot for honeymooners. While you are in Provincetown,  you will have access to seafood sacks, whale watching, museums, boating excursions, art galleries, and unique shops.

10. Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is a beautiful heaven, considering the southern charm aspect. While you are at the east coast destination, you will get a chance to visit the historical city. You will go shopping at antique stores, gaze at the beautiful mansions located along Jones Street, and above all, you get to explore the Wormsloe Plantation beauty. During the visit, you will enjoy some of the southern delicacies and embrace some of their traditions.

The east coast is filled with plenty of travel destinations, but you should prioritize these vacation spots when you set foot in the USA. The destinations have plenty of historical sites, and there are several activities that you can enjoy with your loved ones. While visiting the east coast, you will meet friendly natives with diverse cultures, and you will inevitably have memories to carry back home.

Written by Jordan

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