What Personalized Metal Signs are Excellent in Improving a Business’s Exteriors?

Do you often take a simple look at your shop’s facade and think that maybe you could enhance its exterior but no idea comes into mind as to how and where to start? For this, we recommend you examining iron pieces to kickstart that beautification project. These are great items that would highly fulfill your demand for elegant yet attractive decorations suitable for your outdoor needs. 

However, if your time doesn’t permit you to engage in do-it-yourself activities due to countless meetings and endless business calls and travels, availing customization services from credible metal artisans would be appropriate. Truly, custom metal signs for businesses come handy when you want to go for a more sophisticated take on your ironworks.

Here are some suggestions you want to gather inspiration from:

Rustic Iron Art

If your shop exudes that vibrant vintage feels and elemental vibe, then rustic metal pieces are perfect to compliment such atmosphere. Take any old iron pieces outside and expose in direct sunlight in order to achieve that desired amount of rust that you think would marvelously match the exterior. You have to be careful when handling and attaching as this may create unwanted stains or marks that would be visible on the walls or on your hands.

No metal pieces at hand? Not a problem! You can opt for customized metal pieces in which you can even conceptualize your own form, shape, or words and how you want the finished product to appear. In this manner, you are able to manage which details are included in the piece. Aside from ornamental purposes, this may also function as an advertising tool that would surely grab the attention of shop visitors.

If rust is not your preference, listed below are some other choices you can select from that would assist you in beautifying your business’ exterior.


Compared to the other options presented, this is considered as the cheapest. This is because as simple as purchasing paint acceptable for iron pieces and applying it, you have gained an improved colorful art piece. Before applying the paint, make sure to rub sandpaper onto the metal to ensure that the paint sticks to the piece.

For the personalization of iron art pieces, there are metal professionals that offer painted iron pieces depending on the type of finish you request. Other metal customization services offer matte and glittery finishes which would definitely match the formal and contemporary look of businesses.

Powder Coat

Powder coating is a type of finishing process that applies dry, free-flowing, thermoplastic, or thermoset powder onto the surface of the metal which is then hardened to even the coating. The whole procedure involves the preparation of the substances and equipment, application of the coating, and the curing. The preparation is highly important because there are factors needed to be considered by coating specialists before carrying out the operation. They have to inspect the components of the material being coated and the coating chemical to ensure that the whole process runs to its full capacity and prevent problems that might occur. Compared to other processes such as liquid coating, this is cost-efficient, long-lasting, and safe for the environment. Moreover, this is available in a variety of colors, finishes, and textures that other coating processes could not offer. Lastly, this is applicable to many material types like glass, plastic, and fiberboards.

Choosing a powder coater for your metal pieces should be someone who has years of experience and is knowledgeable with the information pertaining to the process when asked. Inform them early that your metal piece is to be displayed outside so that they can decide what measures to do that would make the coating last when exposed outdoors.

Metal Galvanization

Galvanization is a known type of metal repairing process that uses molten zinc as a coating to protect the piece from corrosion and other damages. Unlike coating processes like paint and plastic which can easily fall away once exposed to various atmospheric processes, galvanized iron is well-protected due to longer coating life. You can explore this coating process if you want reliable and longer-lasting protection for your outdoor metal art.


Wood is a good material to spice up your metal piece especially if you want less effort in transporting it. It is easy to hang compared to pieces made of pure metal and also provides an earthy and natural feel to the exterior of your business. Make sure your wood is applied with varnish or any substance that would protect it from discoloration brought by the metal pieces that were attached. Depending on the type of wood, select the one that can best correspond to your metal pieces and fit your allocated budget. However, you might have to take note of methods in maintaining the fresh appearance of the sign as unpredictable weather occurrences may produce undesirable changes to it.

Written by Jordan

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