How To Make An Impressive CV Format?

“How to make an impressive CV format” to conquer employers is always a question that many applicants are interested in. It is just the starting point: if you show a lack of professionalism, illogical order, and carelessness, you may be eliminated in the first round of recruitment. This article will give the 4 most popular CV Formats for you to create your CV to highlight your strengths to recruiters.

1. Chronological CV

This is the most popular CV Format. The Chronological CV will make your experience and expertise stand out even more. If you have a professional background and rich experience, you should use the Chronological CV.

You should use Chronological if:

  • You have many years of experience and a successful career path
  • You have worked for many different businesses in the industry
  • You have minimal or no gaps between jobs

Of course, this CV will not be suitable for Freshers, and they should consider other CV Formats.

In fact, the Chronological CV helps employers quickly understand the value of your recent work experience. Since employers can only spend a few seconds per candidate’s CV, prioritizing the most recent information on the CV will help ensure your experience is clearly seen.

Chronological CV Orders

  • Full name and contact information.
  • Summary or career goals.
  • Work experience.
  • Academic level.
  • Skills and abilities.

2. Functional CV

In the functional CV, your work experience will be presented in two parts:

  • Tasks and assignments
  • Company name, position, date, workplace

Your work and tasks will be presented in sections by function (for example, administration, engineering, training, etc.)


  • This CV Format Demonstrates skill-learning ease for people starting to work or change careers.
  • Expand the range of experience unrelated to your job goals.


  • Can’t say personal strengths.


This format is suitable for those who do not have direct experience in the field they are applying for. Since it emphasizes skills and achievements, it suits people who have done well in a certain field. If you have done many different job functions in the jobs, you have done, this is the right type for you.

Functional CV Orders

  • Personal information
  • Target
  • Achievement: This is the most characteristic and essential part of a Functional CV. You need to clearly state the achievements you have achieved, including Awards, Commendations, … or it could be your contribution to the company, for example – increase sales. Of the company 70% …
  • Skills: List the skills you possess with a self-assessment on a 10-point scale
  • Work experience: List the positions that work, workplace, and time to work at that position. Note because Functional CV focuses mainly on part 3 above, so you should not let yourself get too caught up in this section by telling more verbose than necessary.
  • Education Level: Briefly list your qualifications, school name, place of study, and period of study. You may also need to provide more information about your cumulative grades and some job-related subjects you are applying for. However, also join the Experience section, remember, concise and sufficient.

3. Achievement CV

In the Achievement CV, there are two main parts to focus on:

  • Capabilities (your skills, your abilities).
  • Achievement (this performance is not the same as work experience, you can state what you have achieved in the job, including part-time jobs, during the internship, or in student work, the social work you participated in related to the job you applied for).

If you are a student without a lot of work experience or have work experience, capable of performing different job functions, but your company is small, this is the right CV.

How To Make An Impressive CV Format?

4. Alternative CV

You can use this type of CV as an alternative to your job application. To do this, add the beginning and end of a cover letter. The main body of your cover letter is the text of your alternate CV – a summary of your abilities and performance.

Written by George K.

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