How to Make Your Garden Look Good with Minimum Effort

How to Make Your Garden Look Good with Minimum Effort

The vast majority of houses have gardens, but not everyone who has a garden necessarily knows what to do with it. Like everything home-related, garden furniture and accessories can easily cost a small fortune, especially if you want a prestige look. 

Understandably, a lot of people would rather spend their money inside their homes, but that doesn’t mean they want their outside space to look like it’s been forgotten. Luckily, there are ways for you to make your garden look good, and you don’t need to put in a lot of effort or money, either. 

Here are some of the ways you can make your garden look great but with minimum effort. 

1. Add fairy lights 

We all know the impact light can have on ambience and mood, and this extends further than just indoors. The sun isn’t always out, and that means your garden could look extremely dark and dull in the colder months and when the nights begin to pull in. You can combat this and create a stunning looking outdoor area by installing fairy lights.

If you have two high fences or posts, you could create a canopy of fairy lights and place a dedicated seating area underneath. This will create a segmented area for you to relax and kick back, but it will also add some modern style and villa vibes to your garden without too much effort! 

2. Buy planters 

Garden wildlife is in decline, so it’s important to do your part and encourage little critters to come to your haven of a garden. Not only this, plants are key components of gardens. Even if you’re not green thumbed, everyone can appreciate the beauty of plants and their benefits on mental health. 

Plants also make your garden look more put together, and lots of them aren’t as high maintenance as you’d think, especially those in planters. Think of things like geraniums, crocus’, bellflowers, betonies and bugles. These are all low maintenance flowers that will add bright pops of colour to your garden and attract wildlife, but you won’t need to spend a lot of time maintaining them. 

3. Lay fake grass 

One of the biggest bug-bears for people who struggle to keep their garden in check is the lawn. Often the biggest part of a garden, if the lawn looks bad, it will bring down the look of the whole space. To avoid a bad looking lawn, you need to be on top of your lawn at all times, but this can easily turn into a full time job by itself. 

If you have lots of pollenating planters, there’s nothing wrong with choosing to buy artificial grass for your garden. The aesthetic impact it can have is huge, and it’s really low maintenance, too. 

4. Install a water feature

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t love the sound of running water. Not everyone can afford the luxury of a pond, and not everyone can be bothered to maintain one, either. As a compromise, one of the ways you can upgrade your garden is by installing a water feature. You can sometimes pick them up second-hand, making them an affordable choice, too. 

Aside from the occasional cleaning of the pipes and filters, water features are relatively low maintenance and really upgrade the look of your garden, too.


These aren’t the only ways you can make your garden look good with minimum effort, but hopefully you’ve gained some inspiration for your own outdoor space from our suggestions. Let us k now if you try any!

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