Which is Better for Studying in: the UK or New Zealand?

Better for Studying in: the UK or New Zealand

When it comes to studying abroad, don’t just think of the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and other countries. There are still many students who choose to study in New Zealand, the holy place. The environment in New Zealand is very beautiful, the quality of education is first-rate, and it is also very suitable for immigrants. In spite of this, everyone is hesitating whether to study abroad in the UK or New Zealand. Hence, this article is written to give you a detailed introduction to the advantages of studying in these two countries.

The advantages of studying in New Zealand

Everyone chooses to study in New Zealand for different reasons. First of all, the New Zealand visa policy is relatively loose. Students who apply to study in New Zealand do not need to pass an interview. As long as they meet the application requirements, the visa can basically be approved. Everyone’s academic qualifications obtained in New Zealand are also recognized by the world. New Zealand has the best education system in the world. Among the eight public universities in New Zealand, seven have entered the top 500 of the new QS world universities. Secondly, you can work legally while studying in New Zealand, which will not only reduce your financial pressure, but also improve your abilities. The last thing to consider is the cost of studying abroad. Among all the popular countries to study abroad, New Zealand has the cheapest tuition. If you go to study in New Zealand, you will get high-quality education with the least investment.

The advantages of studying in the UK

As we all know, the British educational system is the advantage of studying in the United Kingdom. The British educational system is three years for undergraduates and one year for masters. Therefore, if you want to obtain a complete master’s degree, it takes less time in the UK, but it is not difficult for everyone to guess that under this academic system arrangement, the daily course schedule is also very tight. Secondly, with regard to the cost of studying in the UK. The cost of studying in the UK is significantly higher than that of New Zealand. Without considering any scholarships, the cost of studying in the UK for international students is US$24,000 to US$30,000 per year. The last point is to talk about the difficulty of applying for studying in the UK. Generally speaking, for schools of the same quality, the British threshold is higher than that of New Zealand in terms of recommendation letters and academic background requirements. However, many schools in the UK provide various forms of preparatory courses, and everyone can study for one year of preparatory courses.

This is the comparison of studying in the UK and studying in New Zealand. After reading this article, do you have a clearer understanding of the study abroad policies of the two countries? When choosing between these two countries, you can refer to the above factors. If the family has good economic conditions, then you can choose to study in the UK. If the family has average economic conditions, you can choose to study in New Zealand. Don’t worry about the education system in New Zealand – it follows the British education system.

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